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01/18/2015 3:49 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)


Real Sisters Rising Women Business Association is a growing organization. We currently have members across the US and London. We are seeking to have diversity within our sisterhood and to grow our network globally. To grow our businesses globally and to help more home business owners earn a minimum of 6 figures yearly. We have added new programs to our membership benefits that will also assist in our members who have businesses financial and professional growth. Those members who are not currently business owners can benefit from building relationships that will enhance their personal growth and balance their home.

Our Mission
is to promote economic empowerment, with member participation, networking and training workshops where quality professionals of diverse cultures meet new contacts, build relationships and grow businesses, connecting quality people to quality resources.

Key Role of Advisory Board Member

We are expecting our advisory board members to be interested and excited to be bringing their valued skills and experience to this International organizations success. All board members are volunteers.

  • The purpose of the Board is to have members provide ideas, support and advice toward achieving our goals. The position is voluntary and the Board meets weekly virtually for the first 90 days. We will also have a VPN (virtual private network not on Facebook) to communicate with updates in between meetings.
  • Board members are required to actively participate in the development of the association’s policies, programs, and procedures. In addition board members are required to make both a financial (as needed) and time commitment to Real Sisters Rising Women Business Association.
  • Assists the association to better understand our markets and customers, helping to determine best approaches to reaching and engaging key audiences.
  • Identifies other subject-matter experts and knowledge leaders who can support the organization in a variety of ways and expand the organization's reach and influence.
  • Represents the interests of the profession and is an advocate for the Real Sisters Rising Women Business Association.
  • Participates in meetings, conference calls, task teams, and other activities to the fullest extent possible.

You will be expected:

1.    Believe in our mission, vision and objectives.

2.    Serve an minimum 24 month term.

3.    Be expected to attend weekly board meetings by phone.

  1. Demonstrate strategic vision and leadership skills.
  2. Process one or more of the following: Leadership skills, board level experience, and/or director level experience in the not for profit or for profit business.
  3. Excellent communication skills.
    We are particularly keen to attract people with the following skills:
      • Human Resource
      • Legal
      • Event Planning
      • Financial
      • Small Business Coaching
      • Women Empowerment
      • Fundraising
      • Media/Public Relations
      • Marketing
      • Partnerships/Sponsorships
      • Proposals
      • Virtual Assistants

      Volunteer Benefits/Compensation:

      • Complimentary RSR|WBA Premium Membership the Lifetime of your board position.
      • Automatic Business Partner in areas that suit your expertise.
      • Automatic sponsorship spot on our website and all association events for the lifetime of your board position.
      • Free marketing opportunities for your business.
      • Your company logo on any printed flyers for major event promotions.
      • Exclusive invite for media and association opportunities.
      • Recognition in our company Newsletter, online networks, and website.
      • You will receive a welcome letter by mail, Board Member Certificate, Company Bylaws and Manual, Membership Getting Started Guide, Online Board Member Badge, and Press Release.

      To apply for this position send updated resume and 3 letters of reference to

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