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OUR MISSION is to promote economic empowerment, with member participation, networking and training workshops where quality professionals of diverse cultures meet new contacts, build relationships and grow businesses, connecting quality people to quality resources.

Our Purpose as a group of women young and old, we will be working together to provide resources, education, networking opportunities along with advocacy and promoting self-awareness within our communities. We believe when women improve the quality of their lives, through personal and professional development they also improve the lives of their families, their community and the world in which we all live.

Advantages of Membership: Real Sisters Rising is a National Women Organization. We focus on community building; personal and professional develop for women and children. Join us to learn about RSRWBA events, successes, and more. 

Real Sisters Rising Women Business Association (RSRWBA) - BIO

“Helping women find the Diamond in their Destiny”.  Founded May 2003, CEO ShaChena Gibbs found her passion by becoming passionate about her self.  RSR is an organization composed of women with the intentional goal of assisting women with rising up to their potential.  RSR’s original purpose was just to help women become entrepreneurs: however, as Ms. Gibbs grew, so did the vision of RSR.  Today, RSR’s goal is to assist women to become financially literate; more involved in the community and how to deal with issues of self image that so many woman face today. RSR is passionate about shining the light in another direction to let some women know that there is more to life than depending on the government to take care of our families.  RSR is focused on assisting women through the transition of taking control of their situation.

Having women from man diverse backgrounds, RSR is NOT here to point the finger and say what women should do; RSR is here to say “we’ve been there, done that and even complained about it.  However, we made the conscious decision to change the outcome of our destinies by changing our thoughts and actions of our today; now we are here to assist you with doing the same.”  RSR is about collective work and efforts. RSR is here for the Career Woman, the Business Woman, as well as, the Unemployed Woman.  RSR is here to assist women in whatever field they need a support system in.

Because RSR is empowering women and children to be successful; motivated; socially and financially literate; confident about who they are and what they can achieve; they have put together a number of services and events to cater to the masses.  Networking Events, Workshops, Training's, Newsletters and a host of other things are in play to assist with their development. RSR is persistent on making their mark in society.

RSR’s long term goal is to have a world wide women network organization.  That goal is well under way with divisions of RSR currently in NY, MD & TX. Understanding that all members of a family and all parties of a society need to work in unison. RSR would also like to have a division that caters to men.

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