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Blog Contributors Wanted

RSR Women Business Association is so excited to announce that we are accepting submissions for guest blog posts. We’re looking for great content such as articles that we can share with our users and followers every weekly/monthly. Our current goal is to publish at least four guest posts per month on topics consistent with our own blogs, such as social media marketing, business how to's, non profit, women issues, health/wellness, beauty, family, finances, and event planning.

There are 2 different types of contributors. 

Blogger: Share full articles, how to tips, etc.

Blog Contributor: Share short tips based on Main topic along with other expert contributors.


  • Articles should range between 500-1200 words.
  • You may attach images to your articles (484×252)
  • NO spelling or grammar errors
  • No links within the body of the article. (only in the authors bio)
  • Invite friends to participate.

Optional: You may reference our articles relevant to your post by linking them.

Author Byline

Along with your post, please submit a byline introducing yourself that we can include at the bottom of your article.

Byline Guidelines

  • 2-3 sentences about yourself.

Optional: head shot or profile picture (80×80).

You may include up to 3 links to your website, blog, social media profiles.

Email us at with any questions you may have. Please allow 5-7 business days for us to review and approve your submissions. Once they are approved, we will email you with the date in which your post will be published and shared on social media (including: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).

Follow Us:

What you get:

As a Guest Blogger with RSR Women Business Association you will get the following:

  • Your professional image on our website as a feature blogger.
  • Introduction to our community as a Guest Blogger on our Social Media platforms.
  • Website Badge to post on your website or blog.

We look forward to your submissions!

Current Queries for Blog Contributors...

1. What is one key marketing strategy you will use to grow your business in 2017?

Deadline: Thursday, February 15, 2017

Submit your inquiry2. Are you a professional public speaker? Share your 1 best kept secret for mastering the art of speaking.

Deadline: Thursday, March 2, 2017

Submit your inquiry3. Do you use any productivity tools for your business? Which tool/app is your favorite and why? (choose one)

Deadline: March 16, 2017

Submit your inquiryWhat has been one (1) marketing strategy that has helped your home business succeed?

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Deadline Oct. 31, 2014

For the Love of Professional Networking
Deadline February 12, 2012 9am est.

For the love of Coaching
Deadline February 19, 2012 9am est.

*Women Entrepreneurs |Are you a professional public speaker? Share your 1 best kept secret for mastering the art of speaking.


Deadline Jan. 23, 2012 9am

*Women Entrepreneurs | Association Executives: Are your the CEO or an Association Leader? (CLOSED)

Tell us about your Association and it's mission. If you have a Featured Member for February 2012, you can also share their information.

Deadline January 29, 2012 

*Women Entrepreneurs | Have you had a major business breakthrough in 2011?

We are looking for women to share their story about one successful breakthrough you experienced that took your business to higher heights.

I had a few my self and I will be sharing as well. When the New Year comes in, I will be celebrating with my family.

Deadline February 5, 2012 

Thank you again for your contributions.

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