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  • 06/16/2012 9:41 AM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    Happy Father’s Day to all our great and supportive Dad’s.

    Fatherhood Meets Success & Drive

    By ShaChena Gibbs

    Many men have started businesses for various reasons. However, something changes about their passion when major life changes occur. Not only the passion but their why changes. The way they move change and then their mindset also shift. Once these men become DAD’S everything in life has a new and greater meaning.

    Here are some major players in the entrepreneur realm who shares with us how fatherhood played a major role in the success of their business.

    1. Balancing Dad Duty and Success

    Early JacksonOften we are faced with the choice of pursing our dreams and in turn being able to provide a better future for our families or being home more. The objective is to build a supportive foundation with your family before hand that sustains your efforts outside the home. We usually fail simply because we don't communicate with our family about our intentions. We keep them in the dark with the hope they will see the end result. But by having these conversations ahead we avoid misunderstandings and win.

    Early Jackson | New Direction Coaching Associates |

    2. College Bound

    Derrick M. GuestMy driving force for building a successful business is my 11 1/2 year old daughter. I want to be able to send her to an excellent college without worrying about the cost of tuition. Tuition cost a lot of money and I can only imagine how much it will cost when she is ready to go. Every time I speak at an event, do a presentation; teach business owners the driving force is knowing I am building my brand for my daughter.

    Derrick M. Guest | Griot's Roll Film Production & Services Inc. |                                               

    3. Lessons on Leaving a Legacy

    Will MorelandGrowing and maintaining a successful business is important to me because it gives me the flexibility to be more involved in my children's lives. I create schedules that allow me to be a part of the meaningful events they have going on in their lives. It affords me the opportunity to demonstrate what is possible through dedication, patients and education. The ultimate thing that growing my business has done is given my children options in life. When they graduate college they will have a job.                                                                             

    Will Moreland | Will Moreland International, LLC |

    4. Success In Progress (S.I.P.)

    Jay DanzieFatherhood increases the burden of responsibility to become serious about succeeding in business. Knowing that there are other people you're responsible for motivates you even more. Sometimes you may fail but then you realize that true happiness happens from moment to moment. To reach a goal ultimately leads you to reach for a new one. This is why as long as we live we must always remain humble & yet thirsty as being a "Success in Progress". Have a S.I.P.?

    Author Jay Danzie | Success In Progress (S.I.P.) inc. |

    5. If You Listen, They Will Learn

    Marcus WilliamsAs a business owner of a company geared towards children; being a father has been synonymous with my actions for success. Always looking at the benefit it would bring to my own child and how I could correlate that to others children. Observing the interests, trends and behaviors of my own youth up close allow me insight into the youth of today and how to target my actions and energies to better the youth I encounter. Wanting the best for every child starts & ends with wanting the best for my own.

    Marcus Williams | Teach-Kids, LLc |

    6. Simple. Clean. Magnificent.

    Jay EverydayBeing a father to two boys gives me the drive, motivation and ambition to work harder to create that comfortable environment for my family. Fatherhood is and will always remain the strongest force that pushes me to further build my brand. I believe that we all should lay the foundation for the children and family members that we leave behind to not only carry on the brand; but to see it grow into its original end result and beyond.

    Jay Everyday | Everyday The Brand |

    ShaChena Gibbs
    Entrepreneur, mentor, and Small Business Educator,
    ShaChena Gibbs is helping women across the US with starting a successful business from home. ShaChena Gibbs is the Founder of Real Sisters Rising, LLC an award winning National Organization for Women Entrepreneurs.

  • 06/11/2012 9:00 AM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    Top 10: Ways to Lead by Example

    by ShaChena Gibbs

    Good leaders must lead by example. Through their actions, which are aligned with what they say, they become a person others want to follow. When leaders say one thing but do another, they erode trust, a critical element of productive leadership. Here are 10 of the dozens of ways to lead by example.

    1. Take responsibility. Blame costs you your credibility, keeps team members on the defensive and ultimately sabotages real growth.

    2. Be truthful. Inaccurate representation affects everyone. Show that honesty really IS the best policy.

    3. Be courageous. Walk through fire (a crisis) first. Take calculated risks that demonstrate commitment to a larger purpose.

    4. Acknowledge failure. It makes it OK for your team to do the same and defines failure as part of the process of becoming extraordinary.

    5. Be persistent. Try, try again. Go over, under or around any hurdles to show that obstacles don’t define your company or team.

    6. Create solutions. Don’t dwell on problems; instead be the first to offer solutions and then ask your team for more.

    7. Listen. Ask questions. Seek to understand. You’ll receive valuable insights and set a tone that encourages healthy dialogue.

    8. Delegate liberally. Encourage an atmosphere in which people can focus on their core strengths.

    9. Take care of yourself. Exercise, don’t overwork, take a break. A balanced team, mentally and physically, is a successful team. Model it, encourage it, support it! 

    10. Roll up your sleeves. Like Alexander the Great leading his men into battle, you’ll inspire greatness in your company.

    Please (T)weet (L)ike on Facebook and (C)omment below!

    ShaChena GibbsEntrepreneur, mentor, and Small Business Educator, ShaChena Gibbsis helping women across the US with starting a successful business from home. ShaChena Gibbs is the Founder of Real Sisters Rising, LLC an award winning National Organization for Women Entrepreneurs.

    Author’s content used under license, © 2011 Claire Communications

  • 06/08/2012 9:09 AM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    Run A Profitable Home Business!!

    By Deb Bixler

    In order to achieve work-at-home success on a long-term basis, you must be clear on your profitability.  Can you make a profit?

    How can you make a profitable home business when you do not know what you are spending your money on?  Very few home business consultants actually write a budget for their business, let alone have a business plan in place. 

    Write Your Home-Based Business Plan

    Creating a business plan for your home-based business is essential to business success. Many sales consultants know how much money they would like to make yet do not have that broken down into how much profit they are seeking.  In the corporate world, every successful business operates on a budget and a business plan.  This is a road map for operations.

    Most home-based business owners say, for example, I would like to bring in $1200 per month without even considering the costs involved to do that.  Still others say, I would like to have 8 shows per month, without considering what their show average is or what income level that would generate.

    It is NOT ‘how many shows?’, or ‘how much commission?’ or ‘what is your show average?’ 

    All those things play a role in profitability, yet are not the key to longevity in the industry.  The dropout rate for the home business industry would improve if more new sales consultants were taught how to make a profit and loss statement or a real budget.  You must be clear on your expenses and income in order to stick it out. 

    The clarity that a business plan or a monthly budget will bring to your business will make you more conscious of where you are spending money, how you are spending it, and what can be changed. 

    New consultants should discuss the expenses that may be involved in their new opportunity with their recruiters to get a true picture of the necessary income level to reach their goals. If you are already in business, then start a log and determine your profit or loss each month.  This time-consuming task will give you a better handle and more control of your business.  In order to make money, you must understand money. 

    Building a business without being clear on your finances is like going on vacation without knowing what the cost is to get there.  You may run out of money before arrival.  Unfortunately, that is what happens to many newbie work-at-home consultants.  They just run out of money before they achieve their goals.

    When you incorporate a written business plan into your business, you will shield your finances in the event of an IRS audit and you will also have a clearer picture of what to do in order to show a profit. 

    A good business plan includes not only projected budgets, profit and loss, it also includes actions that you will take to achieve that profit.

    To learn more about how to create a direct sales business plan template and listen to a free seminar recording visit The Cash Flow Show

    Deb BixlerDeb Bixler retired from the corporate world in 2000 to enjoy life as an entrepreneur. In the first 9 months as a home party direct seller she built a home business and sales team which provided her with an income capable of replacing her corporate business salary of $80,000 per year.

    Host of the CashFlowShow – Direct Sales Radio, Deb brings affordable direct sales education around the world.

    Deb says that when you have a plan and treat your business like a professional using best business practices that all successful businesses use, like a business plan then you will achieve professional results. Take time during your Summer months to create your business plan so that Summer does not have to be a slow time of the year.


    ShaChena Gibbs

    Entrepreneur, mentor, and Small Business Educator, ShaChena Gibbsis helping women across the US with starting a successful business from home. ShaChena Gibbs is the Founder of Real Sisters Rising, LLC an award winning National Organization for Women Entrepreneurs.

  • 06/04/2012 12:12 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    Celebrating 9 years of Women Empowerment

    By ShaChena Gibbs

    OMG, I really can not believe we made it to see 9 years in business this May 2012. It wasn’t easy at all so I will not kid you. However, it was fulfilling to my spirit. Real Sisters Rising the organization and myself have come through many challenges both good and not so good.  Being able to be here today still able to operate this company with passion is such a blessing. But now it’s time for us/me to step up the GAME. Actually it’s past that time….Let’s Go RSR!

    As I am writing, I can remember many stories, events, and people who have come and gone. And I am so grateful of each of the moments. Please allow me to share a few of those awesome moments with you.

    There was a time we use to have Chapter Meetings in my apartment. When I look at the picture and some of the ladies that attended, I laugh and smile. We had a great time building relationships that are still bonded and businesses. Let’s not forget we were a tad bit thinner lol.

    Our very first signature event was The Marketing ReVue, which we use to host at Ripley Grier Studios. That event was a success. And we made a profit….woo hoo. It was also challenging for me because I am no event planner and people begin to loose interest or I wasn’t doing something right. Because the next few we planned we didn’t get a great turnout. At this first event, we also had one man attend. I was surprise he wanted to attend an all women event. Once he got there I realize his product was for women, so it all made sense.

    Another very special moment was when Lytoya Parker and myself came up with our tagline “Helping Women find the Diamond in their Destiny”. It was nothing but dedication and team work that made that happen that night. I am not going into the details here because I will talk about this in our upcoming book. Look for it fall 2012.

    When we had the second Marketing ReVue I was so amazed when one of our Maryland members came all the way to NY to attend the event. She brought her daughter with her. Unfortunately it rained that day and they had difficulties getting to the event. She missed the event. She met me at my house and I invited her and her daughter to dinner and we talked and recapped the event. I felt really bad for her because we did not consider the weather when making the arrangements. We stayed up for hours talking until she had to make her train to go back home.

    I can go on for hours sharing RSR memories with you all. But you have to wait to read the book. And next year when we celebrate our 10 year anniversary we will have so much more to be celebrating.

    RSR Queens past and present Thank You so much for coming into my life. I am nothing but grateful especially to the women who have started Chapters. Thank You!

    ShaChena GibbsEntrepreneur,author, speaker, mentor, and Small Business Educator, ShaChena Gibbs is helping women across the US with starting a successful business from home. ShaChena Gibbs is the Founder of Real Sisters Rising, LLC an award winning National Organization for Women Entrepreneurs.

  • 05/14/2012 9:49 AM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    Developing and Online Presence for Your Ministry

    By Evangelist Cheryl Donovan

    Several people have asked, "how did you do it?" The spiritual response is through the grace of God. The realistic response is hard work, dedication, and perseverance. I think the most important thing to remember is it doesn't happen overnight. I remember a time when you'd type my name into the Google or Yahoo search engine and nothing came up. Now there are pages and pages of information about me, the ministry, and the wonderful work of everyone involved.  I have been at this consistently for the last five + years. The bottom line is content is king. the more content you place online the better. And not just on Facebook and Twitter. But I will cover this in another mailing.

    Here's what I have learned to do to build my online presence. And yes, I still do it consistently. However, I have identified tools that make it easier and free up my time to do other things. (Will cover this in another e-mail)

    1. Don't be like me, Be better than me. Be what God has called you to be. - "People have said to me, I want to be like you." Well, while this is flattering, the bottom line is, God only made one me and he made me for His unique purpose here on earth. No one else can do what I do because that was not His intention. However, He has gifted each of us (this includes you) with talents designed to be used for His glory. Be yourself. There is a specific group of people God has ordained specifically for you. While I may be able to communicate with them, my message will never resonate with them the way yours will because God has provided you with experiences and circumstances that will speak to their particular situation. Therefore as you make your presence known, make sure to relate those things which are part of your experience; your testimony. This is what people want to hear. Push you, not your ministry.

    2. Add Value - There are lots of ways to provide value to your online connections. Share great industry news stories and funny videos. Point them to other smart people with whom you think they should connect. Have a point of view on issues or trends and let them know about it.

    3. It's Not About You. Seriously, it's not about you. It's about God and everyone else. This is one of the hardest things to get people to realize when they start developing their online presence. Shine the spotlight on others. Celebrate their successes. Brag about them to your connections. Use social media networks to engage your people in ways that make them feel like the most important people on the planet. When you are a champion for others, an interesting thing happens. Others become a champion for you.

    4. Engage and Interact. If you write a blog, follow up with readers by commenting on their comments. Email those who comment and thank them for their time and insights. If you're on a social media platform, reach out and strike up conversations with people. In ministry connect with and build relationships with other ministries.

    5. Don't Broadcast. If your ministry sets up social media outposts simply to broadcast messages, you won't have much success. Your online ministry presence should NOT be full of posts about ministry resources (products) and ministry news. You shouldn't set up automatic direct messages on Twitter that basically say, "hey! click my junk and subscribe to everything I'm doing!" That turns people off immediately. On the flip side, it should also not contain content that only talks about Scripture. People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Teach them how to apply the Biblical principles in practical ways that will enhance their lives.

    6. Be Consistent. This is one of the most important aspects of building your online ministry presence. Participating consistently builds a stronger online reputation for your ministry and boosts your presence within social media circles. I make sure there is something placed on the web about the ministry or myself at least weekly. It may be an article, Facebook note, event listing, press release, blog post, tweet, or anything that will be picked up by the world wide web. And it doesn't have to be directly about myself or the ministry (i.e., I do interviews and articles with other authors, ministers, etc,) that bear my name in the by-line. This way I am assured that my ministry remains in the forefront.

    7. Don't Focus on the big names. You can gain knowledge about how to brand yourself, etc. by following and reading the blogs of some of the big guns. but don't spend a lot of time or effort trying to engage them online.They have so many people attempting to get their attention that their focus is stretched in several directions. Creating relationships with people who are up-and-comers is a better use of your time. Your ministry may want to target the biggest ministries but I'd recommend also targeting middle-of-the-pack and new ministries who are creating great content. It's easier to engage them and there's a good chance their readership will grow if they're producing good stuff.

    8. Don't worry about numbers. Spend your time focused on the content you're producing, not the number of blog visitors or Twitter followers you have today. By participating consistently and adding value, more people will find you and begin connecting with you. The numbers will come if you're doing the other stuff well.

    9. Everyone's watching. Remember that when you're about to write a nasty comment or blog post or Tweet or Facebook status update. Your reputation on your blog/website will follow you to Twitter and wherever else you go. It would be just your luck that somebody will pop off the wrong way about a stance you  may be taking on homosexuality, infidelity, adultery, or one of those "hot topics" and in that one moment of of weakness you decide to pop right back. It's in that temporary moment of insanity that Google's spiders will index your page and your tirade  could end up on the first page of results from a Google search of your name. Remember the enemy is always on his job.

    10. Experiment. When you do share links to your latest blog posts on Twitter, do it at different times of day and pay attention to which times you received the most traffic. That may give you some insight into when the majority of your followers are online and shape what time you send future tweets on behalf of yourself or your ministry.

    Hope this helps. Till next time

    Evangelist Cheryl

    Cheryl DonovanContributing Author
    Cheryl’s ministry in now internationally known and oversees 10 churches in Kenya. Cheryl is available for ministry coaching with those in the development stages of ministry. She can be reached at or by calling 832-525-0651

    ShaChena Gibbs, Real Sisters Rising
    Entrepreneur, Speaker, Mentor, and Small Business Educator, ShaChena Gibbs is helping women across the US with starting a successful business from home. ShaChena Gibbs is the Founder of Real Sisters Rising, LLC an award winning National Organization for Women Entrepreneurs.
  • 04/27/2012 8:31 AM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    Mingling Business (i.e.Partnerships)

    By Royal Success

    Often when people hear the word partnership they think of two or more people filing paperwork and going into business together. But more and more you are seeing people cross promoting their businesses and referring to partnerships or “mingling” their businesses.
    Mingling means that the businesses are similar or same type and the owners decided that by combining their efforts they could accomplish more. I have done that with my travel business. I found a company that had the same ethics and directions/goals as my company and we decided to “mingle” our business to compliment each other in a win-win situation. We are both strong business owners and strong travel agents in different areas and I have a very strong marketing and social media background that the other owner needed access to. So we decided to join forces.
    Is that for everyone? No, it’s not. And it can get tricky. Since travel is 25% of my business revenue we decided to use their name for joint advertising. Yet since I do still advertise for my company on MY own; I will have to combine our company names so as to not confuse my clients too much and also “just in case” things dissolve my company brand name will remain in my clients memories.

    No matter how good the partnership/mingle goes always have a “Plan B” just in case!

    If you intend to always continue doing the business you are mingling even after you decide to end a partnership make sure that you continue to contact clients as YOUR business ie “XYZ  in Corporation with ZYC”. Keep YOUR business in the limelight when you send out information from YOUR business. You acknowledged the other business (ZYC) but you still kept YOUR name in the forefront of your clients and potential clients minds. For what if you decide to part ways if you ONLY mentioned ZYC and now you are sending information out on XYZ everyone is confused!
    Now if the person doesn’t want you to advertise your information at all you have to make a decision and only you can decide. If you are brand new to the business then it may not really matter if you don’t have clients yet or very many. If you are very established then you have more decisions to make.

    What ever decision you decide to do this method of Mingling can be great or it could be a night mare, you really have to do your due diligence and work with the person awhile to see if you are compatibly,  see how others view them and check your gut feeling and go with it.
    And no matter what always have a way out if you see this is not the best for you, and get everything in WRITING.

    Royal Success

    Royal Success
    Royality Designs Consultants

  • 04/09/2012 9:00 AM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    7 Basic Tips for Effective Goal Setting

    By ShaChena Gibbs

    Many new entrepreneurs do not set realistic goals. We get so excited and want to do so much so fast.  Moving too quickly allows us to miss some important steps. Effective goal setting in business building is one of the keys to a successful business.

    Setting goals in your personal and professional life is extremely important if you have intention on succeeding. 

    Setting goals is not something that is difficult to do. You just really need to be committed to doing what is needed to get the task done.

    When I set goals I just think about why am I setting these goals and what do I want my end result to be. Then I get started with my simple basic steps.


    Here are 7 Basic Tips for Effective Goal Setting:

    • Decide on what area of your life you want to improve.
    • Get a journal to begin writing down your goals. Also keep track of the steps of your journey towards reaching your goals.
    • Release all negative energy and thoughts you may have. You must believe you can achieve these goals. Not only verbally saying it, you must feel it in your heart and your gut.
    • Have a brainstorm session with yourself. Think about what it will take to get to your end result. If you must do some research, then go online or visit your local library. Do what ever it takes to learn the necessary task to successfully reach your goals.
    • Set a time frame you would like to achieve your goal. It could be attached to an upcoming event or holiday. You can even just set a date that you will be comfortable with. This date can always be change if you do not succeed the first time. These are your goals. Setting goals help you take steps towards making it happen.
    • Prioritize which is most important to achieve first. Write down your top 3 to 5 goal and take action on crossing them off your list.
    • Now create a step by step action plan. Example: If you want to get your Drivers License in NY, first you must > Go to DMV to get the Drivers Manual > Go back to DMV take the Permit > Locate a driving school and take the 5 hour Drivers Class > Take driving lessons > Schedule your road test > Pass the test > Get your license.

    Do not get upset if you do not reach your goals on your first attempt. You can always start again or pick up where you left off. These are your goals to achieve no one else’s.

    Keep up the great work and Keep Rising!

    ShaChena Gibbs

    Entrepreneur,author, speaker, mentor, and Small Business Educator, ShaChena Gibbs is helping women across the US with starting a successful business from home. ShaChena Gibbs is the Founder of Real Sisters Rising, LLC an award winning National Organization for Women Entrepreneurs.

  • 03/18/2012 8:42 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    How I use Pinterest for Business

    By ShaChena Gibbs

    Recently I was introduced to Pinterest from reading an article on Mobile. For many years I have been intrigued by social media communities because I made most of my power connections via social sites for Real Sisters Rising. My curiosity kicked in and I created an account, rather I requested an invitation to have a Pinterest account.

    Come Pin with Us!Once I received my invite, I added my information to my profile and begin surfing and learning how can I use this for business growth. One thing I did was look at who I was following. Among some of the big names that I was familiar with and I know they are about their business was Stacia Pierce.

    Stacia Pierce is a very stylish and business savvy entrepreneur. I went to her Pinterest profile and checked out her boards. Then I went to a few other entrepreneurs that I am familiar with their business from Facebook. After all the research I came up with my own ideas.

    Here is some useful ways I am using Pinterest for my business:

    Read more....

  • 03/15/2012 11:22 AM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)
    Networking: In Living Color

    By Shalena D.I.V.A.

    What is the first thing you think of when you hear the phrase “social networking”? I immediately think of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and many other online networking sites. It seems as if you can’t escape this notion of social media. Almost every company’s commercial ends with a reminder to connect with them on their various social networking sites. Even the cabNetworking In Living Colorle and local news stations incorporate their social network platforms into their segments. They ask viewers to comment on particular subjects using a certain hash tag so they can gauge their viewers’ feelings. Let’s face it: social networking is a major part of our lives.

    I have incorporated social media networking into my business and I have built a powerful platform that has connected me to thousands of people. Through my various social networks, I was able to connect with people from different states and countries that I wouldn’t have had access to without social networking. It’s amazing what anyone can do sitting behind a computer. Networking through social media is great; however, it lacks the human touch.

    Social networking as we’ve come to understand it is a powerful tool to virtually connect people, but if you wish to make a mutually beneficial business relationship, I highly suggest you get from behind your computer and attend live networking events. I have to be honest. I used to hate attending live events. I felt uncomfortable at times. I used to think that everyone was judging me. After doing some inner work; however, I realized that the only person who was judging me was me. I wasn’t quite comfortable in my own skin. Also, I used to feel as though I was forcing myself to network with people that I had no interest in getting to know on a deeper level. That was when I was in corporate America. But as an entrepreneur, I actually attend events that I want to attend with people whom I find interesting. I’ve come to find that social networking is great, but shaking someone’s hand and looking them in the eye is even better. Here are some tips on leveraging your social media networks when networking at live events.

    • 1.     Cultivate your online social media networks. Be active. Create a nice profile that shows your skills, interests, and your personality. This is important because more than likely, people will go to your social networking sites to inquire about you before they meet you in person. Let your social media sites make a great first impression.
    • 2.     Before attending a live event, do your research. Find out who’s hosting the event or speaking. Go to their social networking sites and connect with them if you can or simply glean as much information about them prior to meeting them. If you can “friend”, link up, or follow them, then do so and tell them that you are attending their event. They will look forward to seeing you.
    • 3.     This goes without saying, but make sure you have business cards you can pass out at the events with your social networking information on them as well.
    • 4.     After you attend a live event, be sure to the people you’ve met to your social networks to stay in contact and build a relationship.
    • 5.     Go to websites like Eventbrite to find live events in your area. Most of them are free.

    I did these five steps recently and met some awesome people like ShaChena Gibbs of Real Sisters Rising. I had to get out of my comfort zone to attend that live event, but it paid off in a major way. Build your social networking platforms to meet people and eventually attend live events to forge business relationships.

    Shalena D.I.V.A.Shalena D.I.V.A. is an author, speaker, and life changer. She is the creator of, the most entertaining, educational, and enlightening website for women. It is her mission to help women DISCOVER, INVEST, VALUE, AND APPRECIATE their God-given gifts and talents so they can build businesses around them.



  • 03/14/2012 9:00 AM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    Why Cancel an Event?

    Why cancel and event, Real Sisters Rising.comMany entrepreneurs plan events for many reasons. To launch a product, celebrate an achievement, or get more business exposure. Planning events in my opinion is not an easy task. It takes a lot of strategic planning. It's great if you have a team helping you. Many entrepreneurs have to do it solo, which I don't suggest. I had to learn from experience.

    Personally I would not suggest for anyone to cancel an event, unless it's a situation out of your control. I have planned events and had a great turn out. I also had events that the turn out brought tears to my eyes because no one showed up.

    Now, I have cancelled many events because there were no pre registrations, no venue closed, the venue messed up the date or time of the event, or some other technical reason. They have been times I had no registration and I didn't understand why.

    I had to review my actions for getting the word out. Then I ask myself the following question: How was my marketing?

    Once I have evaluated and come to a conclusion on my marketing efforts then I am mindful for the next event. Meaning what to do and what not to do.

    If you must cancel an event, my final tip to is do it in a timely fashion and inform your potential guest.

    ShaChena GibbsEntrepreneur, mentor, and Small Business Educator, ShaChena Gibbs is helping women across the US with starting a successful business from home. ShaChena Gibbs is the Founder of Real Sisters Rising, LLC an award winning National Organization for Women Entrepreneurs.

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