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  • 03/01/2012 12:42 AM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    We are Celebrating Ms. Robin Ransom

    Robin Ransom

    Member Since: 2006
    Position: RSR Advisory Board Chair

    Small Business Mentor & Authentic Career Calling Expert/ Lifestyle Coach

    Robin Ransom works primarily with women who have been in the workforce who are ready to create a job or career transformation, either through advancement, repositioning or even starting their own business. As a Career Calling Specialist, she brings a special blend of nearly 15 years of corporate human resources experience, as well as her education with a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Labor Relations Management and her training and expertise as a career coach to her clients.

    It is by the degree of passion that people feel and exude in their careers that Robin knows she is successful. Throughout her career, she discovered that, when people are lacking passion & purpose, people are also lacking in other life areas. Her business reinforces that it IS possible to express authentic personality, passion purpose, enjoy work on a daily basis, make a difference in a meaningful way AND earn a good living at the same time. There is a dynamic relationship between how people choose to show up in their careers and the quality of the rest of their lives – if the career is stuck somehow, it is an indicator as to the health and well-being of the rest of life. Her commitment is to helping people discover where their careers are holding them back (in effect, hostage) from having more of what they want and enjoying life. Today, among his professional colleagues, he is known as “The Career Diva who gets the Career that matches your lifestyle, values, passion and purpose”. She is a highly motivated, results-oriented leader, focused on excellent customer service, also is a Certified Facilitator in Outplacement Services, Women in Management and Youth Issues and Life skills.  Works with clients in career transition resulting from layoffs to develop and execute a full life cycle career search, including creation of resume and complete communications strategies, development and execution of a career marketing plan and practice of winning interview and negotiations skills. trained in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Instrument MAPP and other assessment programs and strategies. She loves to teach /train workshops on leadership, professional & personal development.

    When she discovered that her passions, energy and skills would help others to have productive and passionate careers, she knew that she needed to create her own proprietary coaching system, based on her teachings and experience, to support others in making those changes.  Robin is a trainer, speaker, facilitator, human resources professional, and has conducted many training sessions, workshops and speaking engagements for corporate companies, employees, individuals on variety of topics: career transition, career directions, Reinvention, start a business and management classes across the country university and organization.

    She is currently a member of the Harlem Chamber of Commerce, Career Coach Institute, Women Business Owners of New York, National Career Development Association, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM).

    It was this impetus that created Robin Ransom’s company as you see it today. Dedicated to personally supporting women in the midst of career transition to make big changes, Robin’s focus is on bringing the best resources, information, and practical strategies available for positive career transformations, as well as her own expertise, to her clients. In her down time she love to cook, read novels, travel and meet you people and learn different cultures, and Mentor youth and women.

    Like Robin on Facebook

    Come hear Robin Ransom at L.A.C.E.S. 3rd Annual Women Empowerment Brunch in NYC


  • 02/28/2012 12:24 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)
    Membership Benefits from Real Sisters

    Real Sisters Rising is a National Networking Org. for Women Entrepreneurs. Our goal is to educate women to become successful entrepreneurs with members participation.

    Real Sisters RisingWomen have become the head of the household, the one everyone has to depend on, and / or the bread winner. In doing so, we have had to start home businesses to keep up with the bills and the lifestyle that we know will make our families happier.

    Real Sisters Rising has a great educational program that will assist our members with becoming a Master CEO. The CEO System.

    We also partner with expert members to bring a variety of training calls to our community.

    Some of the other benefits of becoming a member of Real Sisters Rising are:
    • Well established organization. One of America's Premier Organizations.
    • Each member will receive Orientation emails to assist with the understanding of your membership.
    • Online and Live Workshops to help you to start, run, and grow your business.
    • Member can submit their press releases to posted on our site.
    • Personal Profile Page.
    • Listing in our Public Member Directory
    • Speaking Opportunities
    • Become a Blog Contributor
    • Discounts for Coaching Programs and Upcoming Events
    • Leadership Opportunities
    • Community Building with other members
    • We make mistakes, learn and grow from each other together
    • We have formed a sisterhood.
    • and there is so much more.
    In order to take full advantage of membership, you must be an active member. No one will see you if you don't show up.

    Putting our members in the spotlight for their great accomplishments have been a pleasure for us. Will you be the next Rising Star Honoree?

    Become a Member Today! It's very affordable!

    click below


  • 02/23/2012 3:22 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    Motivating the Motivators


    This weekend I attended an event that was suppose to be for the community to inspire those women who are on Welfare. It was a spin off of the book Confessions of a Welfare Mom. The event was titled "Beyond Welfare"

    The creator and visionary Kiwan Fitch did an awesome job putting it all together with you her phenomenal team, which were all family members. Now you know how hard it is to get your family just to believe in your vision, so get them to be hands on it's a whole other story. It's simply Great!

    Although we have a plan and we do everything in our power to make this plan happen, God has another plan!

    The panel of presenters was powerful one. It was called for these women to come together under one roof. This event was the most powerful one I been too thus far in 2012.

    All the presenters were in attendance and we had a few guest. The event become one where we the motivators where motivating each other to the highest power.

    We share our stories and we shared tears. There is no doubt that I have now a new family in these queens.

    ShaChena GibbsEntrepreneur, mentor, and Small Business Educator, ShaChena Gibbs is helping women across the US with starting a successful business from home. ShaChena Gibbs is the Founder of Real Sisters Rising, LLC an award winning National Organization for Women Entrepreneurs.

  • 02/05/2012 10:21 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)
    Women Entrepreneurs | 2011 Business Breakthroughs


    ast year was amazing for my professional growth. I learned so much information to help my business to soar for 2012. Some were negative activities that I turned into a positive lesson for myself.

    Some situations that occurred helped me to realize some items I needed in my Bylaws to protect myself and my business. I also rebuilt my Advisory Board to a fabulous team of women. They each have special skills and talents that will support the growth or Real Sisters Rising. Most important I learned how to manage my time with work and spend more time with my family.

    Maintaining a balance life can have an impact on your success. Less stress for you, your family and your team. Life is not perfect, however I learned so much in 2011. It will all show in 2012.

    When I was thinking of this topic, I just knew that I am not the only one with great stories to share. There are a few of my friends who want to share their business breakthroughs for 2011.

    Read their stories….

    Leaping Into Full Time

    JP JonesThe year 2011 for me has been monumental as my business grew the place where I was confident enough to launch into it full-time without affecting my finances. Previously, I had been running myself ragged by also holding down a demanding full-time job. While I do not regret the time spent burning the mid-night oil, I'm glad to be able to work with my customers during the daylight!

    JP Jones | Collipsis Web Solutions |


    Did I Actually Do ALL THAT?

    Aime Hutton2011 was a crazy year. With only having been in business for not even a year, I was asked to speak at a provincial level conference for eWomen Network in Alberta! I had 50 women up and feeling amazing about how they feel in their body. I also secured my first private client by the end of 2011. As well as I was a nominee for the Fierce Women of the Year Awards for Alberta, and a nominee for the Calgary Choice Awards in 3 categories! Bring on 2012 with love and grace! I'm ready!

    Aime Hutton | Awakening Goddess |


    Do You Have A Hobby Or A Business?

    Cheryl PullinsAfter spending 3 years struggling in making my business work, one of the huge changes I made was my mindset and how I viewed my business. If you are thinking of your business as something you just do or your "side hustle", that's all it will ever be. You must think of your business as a business - a profit making entity that allows you to serve the world. Create a strategy, set goals, make projections, market your business to your ideal client and then you will have a business, not a hobby.

    Cheryl Pullins | The Woman Entrepreneurs Mentor |


    Walking Boldly Into My Passion

    Ms. Davis, Royalty DesignsMy Breakthrough in 2011 came because I pushed everything aside and stepped into my destiny. No matter what trial was presented I looked at it and made strategies to go around it. I called, emailed, texted, Facebooked: friends, associates, acquaintances ASKING for connections, referrals and business. It paid off! I received two clients that way and my success rolled on from there. Don't be afraid of rejection or let it deter you. Seek what you want, for it won't come to you unless YOU try.

    Ms. Davis | Royality Designs Consultants |


    ShaChena Gibbs, Real Sisters RisingEntrepreneur, mentor, and Small Business Educator, ShaChena Gibbs is helping women across the US with starting a successful business from home. ShaChena Gibbs is the Founder of Real Sisters Rising, LLC an award winning National Organization for Women Entrepreneurs.

  • 01/25/2012 1:22 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)
    Women Entrepreneurs | Are you an aspiring Speaker?


    re you an aspiring speaker? Do you find it difficult to get paid gigs? Are you just seeking a little support from experienced speakers?

    Well you are not alone. All speakers have the same problem whether they are new or experienced. It takes determination and passion to keep going. You must have faith in your craft and know what you know. Speaking is an art and it’s great when you can get paid to share information to people and you know in your heart it can change their lives either professionally or personally.

    We asked a few of our friends who are experienced speakers to share their best kept secret for mastering the art of speaking.

    Eula YoungKNOW YOUR CRAFT  by Eula M.Young | COO

    Whatever you are speaking about you should know your craft.  My best keep secret is to know the latest information about my field before the masses hear of it and talk about it in my speaking engagements this establishes you as an expert in your field and educate your listening audience. 

    Griot's Roll Film Production & Services Inc.

    Melanie BonitaSHARING AND CARING by Melenie Bonita | Author

    Sharing and caring is what has been the thing that has helped me master the art of speaking. When I share my testimonies, they are very genuine and heartfelt, so people can usually relate to what I'm talking about. Sometimes when I share information, it is so impactful that it changes people outlook on life. Caring is very key when speaking also. Because I truly care about people, it shows when I speak. They know I want them to achieve their dreams by how passionate I am by sharing and caring.

    Melanie Bonita Enterprises

    Carol SankarDON'T ASSUME! FIND OUT BEFORE YOU SPEAK! by Carol Sankar

    Do your research. Find out more information on the target audience in the room; are there seasoned entrepreneurs in the audience, what is the age range, what area are they from, what associations are they a part of, and/or their marital & education status. This information is key when you are developing a presentation to your audience so you can speak their language and form a presentation that will deliver all of the elements that they came for. Research never ends!

    Happy Speaking!!

    Carol Sankar Enterprises

    Rachel Berry'DOING IT FROM THE HEART & SOUL.' by Rachel Berry

    I've been speaking for over 10 years and the one thing that helps me to prepare is: taping my speech during rehearsal. Whenever you read out loud you hear what your mind's ear misses. Recording yourself and then playing it back then takes your senses to the level of clear interpretation and allows you to hear a close version of what others will hear. When you practice with conviction you will deliver with conviction and others will hear and see that you're 'Doing it from the heart & soul!'

    The VOW Network - Voices of Wisdom LLC

    Dana BeasleyDITCH YOUR NOTES! By Dana Beasley

    Letting go of my notes has been the number one thing that has improved my speaking. I used notes as a barrier between the audience and myself because I lacked confidence. But I knew I needed to do better, to really engage the audience and speak from my heart. I started by just doing an outline. I put these points into a slideshow. Now I don't use the notes except for a brief outline of the order of topics to be covered.
    Now I am gaining confidence and doing a better job!


    Victoria JohnsonPRACTICE by Victoria Johnson

    Practice in the mirror everyday with body movements and facial expressions.


    ShaChena GibbsEntrepreneur, mentor, and Small Business Educator, ShaChena Gibbs is helping women across the US with starting a successful business from home. ShaChena Gibbs is the Founder of Real Sisters Rising, LLC an award winning National Organization for Women Entrepreneurs.

  • 01/02/2012 8:37 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)
    Women Entrepreneurs: Getting started in 2012

    As more women are starting businesses they are seeking advice to get started and some are seeking advice to move forward. What would be one word of advice you can share as an expert for these women seeking expert advice for business success in 2012?

    Below is some great tips from some phenomenal women who are my friends who I have met via social media more so Facebook. Many of them are coaches, speakers, and authors who have been through some tough times getting their businesses off the ground. These women have a story and are sharing some tips with you to help you make the right decision in your professional success.

    ShaChena Gibbs shares: Do not second guess yourself. If you want to start a business, Go for it! Do not let anyone or anything discourage you.

    Eula M. Young shares: The one tip and advice I would give woman is to not leave your day job until you know for sure that your business can sustain you and your family. Some business takes over 4 years to break even, so you must take that into consideration when you start your business.

    Alive Mag shares: As an established business owner, I would encourage those that seek to establish a business is to identify your purpose and explore how living your purpose can be turned into a business. Once you identify your purpose, identify your platform. Once your purpose and platform are identified, everything you do relative to your business should contribute to these areas. If it doesn't then you should pass on the opportunity.

    Shalonda CoachTreasure Williams shares: Work the steps! It is very easy to attempt to find short cuts to business success. We want to see things take form right away like it does for others, but what we fail to realize is that they have done the work already to get where they are. The only shortcut that I suggest is to invest in yourself and get a coach, mentor or program that can help you side step some common mistakes. However, you must remember that pitfalls will happen, they are necessary for your growth and strengthening. Take constructive criticism and use it if it is necessary. But, above all DO NOT TRY TO CHEAT THE PROCESS! It'll only because you more stress in about 2 or 3 years when you have to start right back from scratch!

    Veronica Conway shares:The most important thing to master in business is how to sell something, anything. You have to know how to ask for the money, preferably a lot of it. Also, you have to correctly identify a market that can pay, gladly, for what you have to offer. Most women get so focused on their content, they forget about the revenue

    Tina C. Hines  shares: You cannot do it all and sometimes you have to hire someone who can relieve a little stress. If something is not your area of expertise, fine someone reputable who is capable of following through on your vision.

    Tammy Barbee shares: Networking with other liked-minded people who share your vision is a plus. Also, look for a mentor to assist you in areas that you are not familiar with in your business.

    Tiffany Braxton  shares: Be clear on what your Purpose is and you’re WHY...Why you are doing your business, and who you intend to serve.

    Edeline Francois-Dryden shares: Don't give up! "Quitters never win because Winners never quit"

    Bernadette M. Johnson-Hairl shares: Don't rely SOLELY on internet research, especially when it comes to accounting and legal advice. Spending a little bit upfront can save you lots of headaches down the line. Prevention is always cheaper than the cure.

    Emily Walton Robinson shares: Outsource the things you are not good at or take you away from building your business.

    Cassandra Mack shares: Invest in your growth. Read trade journals from your industry. Stay current on the trends in your industry. Find a good mentor or coach who can help you get to the next level.

    Aminah Cole shares: Always remember to remain humble and that you are a vessel and here to help make someone else's life easier.

    Felicia Lee shares: One tip that I live by and I am still learning as well is surrounding yourself around Like minded individuals, who are doing the same things as you are. Because Friends or not, no matter how long you have had a friend in life, If your proactive and their not, it’s almost as if you wrote a check to remain stagnant. Some "Friends" will try to hold you back. Know when and how to separate friends from business.

    Stephanie A'neitra Watson MzVisionary shares: I encourage businesses to institute a viable marketing strategy for their company that is realistic and achievable that will yield ROI- (return on investment) additionally, I suggest that an operating budget be put in to place for the fiscal year. Proper preparation yields success in Business.

    Feona Sharhran Huff shares: You only want to take advice from someone who can practice what they preach. Just this morning, I was on a conference call with a business coach and I questioned what qualified her to be an expert in her field. She quickly responded that she is passionate about what she does and follows the advice she gives. Plus, she said, she is an expert in book publishing. And, it's true. Her highly visible and well-received books speak volumes that she knows what she's doing. Anybody talk. What you want to do, however, is listen to someone who has "been there, done that" and who has a track record to back up their talk.

    Real Sisters Rising,

    Helping Women find the Diamond in their Destiny

  • 12/28/2011 2:35 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    Remembering 2011 as an Entrepreneur
    by ShaChena Gibbs

    2011 Has been a year for me to remember. There have been so many challenges I had to face as an Entrepreneur. Growing a business is not an easy task. When I decided I was going to take RSR to the next level of starting chapters and having regular live events, I didn't realize some of the issues I had to face.

    At first I really was not sure if I could do it.  What helped me with moving forward was having and advisory board and a support team. When these challenges were presented to me, and I felt backed in a corner, I would just call on them. Share what the issues were and ask for their thoughts. I really value the opinions of my team.

    There were also financial challenges I had to face. When these issues came about, I reached out to my financial advisor. Although I didn't do exactly what she said right away, eventually I did. And now I am seeing results. Thank you Tanai Coleman (Money Mastery Magazine)

    In 2011 I am proud of accomplishments. I am a regular writer for Change Gospel Newspaper, Blog Contributor for The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur & Allied Women, also contribute to Identity Women Online Magazine. Became a member of In The Pink Women Chamber of Commerce. Completed a 6 week program at Project Enterprise. I been saying for a few years I was going to attend. Opened chapters of RSR. That was a challenge for real. However it was a bigger blessing.

    I'm ready for 2012!  Are you?

  • 11/07/2011 11:12 AM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)
    Business Startup Tips for Stay at Home Moms
    by ShaChena Gibbs

    Many women are starting home based businesses. As women, we start businesses based on needs and emotions. We have families to support and bills to be paid. When we are at work (9 to 5) we miss raising our children. The Nanny and the School system is doing that for us. So many moms want to be home with their children. Some moms are forced to be home because of job loss or lack of experience or trade skills. Whatever the reason, we are home we must create a stream of income.

    Women are very resourceful and skillful, this makes it easier to come up with the great ideas. However, the place we get stuck is....what do we do next? who do we tell? If I don't have the money where do I get it from? (Need money to make money in most cases.)

    How to start a business for stay at home moms
    Here are a few tips I want to share with you before you get started on your new business venture:

    • Plan out your day. You are a mother, wife, etc. before you are a business owner. Remember you still have to maintain your family and your home. Schedule your business building time around the kids school calendar and your husbands work day schedule. The goal is to be considerate of your family so they will not begin to feel or be neglected. They are important to you.
    • Call a family meeting to nicely inform your family of your new business venture and explain to them how it will fit into the normal daily routine. At times it will interfere, so ask them in advance to be understanding and supportive because you are passionate about your idea.
    • Do not be afraid to ask for help, especially from your family. Involve your family as much as possible without force of course.  You can ask if they can help you pass out flyers, help to clean your office space, help cleaning the house, etc. Think of an incentive to reward them for their time and efforts.
    Here are some basic Start Up steps:

    • When NAMING your business, think of something catchy and a name that tells your consumers what the product is.
    • Incorporating is very very important in separating your business from being considered a hobby. Do your research on which business structure you should choose and get incorporated. Get Incorporated.
    • Websites are your 24 hour store. Having a website will allow your customers to shop and browse while you are sleeping. Get a website and hire a web designer to make it attractive enough to sell. Get a Website
    • Marketing tools are key to growing your business. Having business cards and brochures just to get started is a great step. If you do not know how to create your own business cards on your desk top publisher program then you can hire someone or use an online company. is a great company and affordable. 
    • All serious business owners must open a BANK account for their business.  Suggestions open a checking and savings. Use your checking for expenses and savings for profits. Open another account "Savings" for taxes. Deposit at least $15 to $25 monthly for estimated taxes.
    I hope these tips can help you get started with growing your business as a stay at home mom.

    Entrepreneur, mentor, and Small Business Educator, ShaChena Gibbs is helping women across the US with starting a successful business from home. ShaChena Gibbs is the Founder of Real Sisters Rising, LLC an award winning National Organization for Women Entrepreneurs.
  • 10/09/2011 1:07 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    True Diamonds Must Shine

    By Carol Sankar {Blog Contributor}


    Carol SankarSo you have spent months dreaming about it; invested precious hours of your time and countless money to get started; yet you still have not taken action. You can solve a problem before your potential client can finish the sentence and you are an immediate star in your element, but no one else know it but you.

    The problem with knowledge is that if it is not applied, it is wasted. The fear of jumping in the game is preventing you from everyone knowing the value of your greatness, so rather than shine in the crowd, you become unseen; fade to the back. You can’t be afraid of shining. It’s a good thing to use your gift. There are others waiting to benefit from the expertise that only you can provide.

    You have to stop attending all of the seminars, webinars, conferences, classes and masterminds if you are not going to apply the tips and techniques you have learned. I once heard someone refer to it as an ‘info-junkie.’ Never once did I think that until I realized that there are so many visionaries that can quote all of the guru’s but refuse to create an everlasting quote themselves. My question is why? Is there a special invitation that you are waiting for? The truth is no one is going to give a special invite; you have to seize the moment and create your own shine. Rather than shining a spotlight on the accomplishments of others, create your spotlight today. Start applying your expertise today. Stop the addiction to information and start providing valuable information today; and start creating an imprint for your legacy. Take action!

    Continued Success!

    Carol Sankar

    704.629.8218 office | 866.826.3271 fax   


    Get ready for the Cheers! To Your Success An
    thology release

    March 2011...for more information,


  • 10/06/2011 12:10 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    Women Summit and Business Networking - Women Shifting Gears!

    Saturday, October 29, 2011 from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM (ET)

    Oxon Hill, MD


    This day is strategically designed with empowering & how to information, networking, and motivation to help today's business woman to make the "SHIFT" that is needed to drive their business into the Marketplace.

    Bring your business cards and get ready to meet people from all over the DMV area to network, learn, increase, and do business. 


    The Power of We!

    Bringing like-minded women together to DRIVE THEIR BUSINESS IN THE MARKETPLACE  TOGETHER!

    Register Today!


    Women Shifting Gears

    • Panel
    • Business Strategies
    • Drive Your Business through Obstacles
    • Financial Empowerment
    • Business and Beauty
    • Networking

    This event is DESIGNED for your SUCCESS!

    Trailblazer Women Network

    Women Creating Paths of Success

    Register Today!

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