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  • 08/08/2011 5:59 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    Creating a Marketing Schedule for

    Better Time Management

    by ShaChena Gibbs

    Time ManagementWe all know how important it is to market your business daily.

    We also need to use our time wisely. We must be more conscious of how much time we spend marketing and who are you marketing too. Also, where you are marketing your business products and/or services is key to your growth.

    Spending too much time on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc can limit us from other areas of our business daily operations and personal lives. That’s why I created myself a weekly marketing schedule every Sunday.

    To get started with my list, I begin with the following:

    ·  Upcoming events

    ·  Personal errands and appointments

    ·  Business operation & task

    Any marketing efforts that need to be done. Such as sales calls, sending out press release, etc.)

    Then priorities them from the most important to the least important. Some people list their list by hardest task to the easiest. You do it the best way that suits your life.

    I also choose 3 areas of marketing to practice daily. Then set my hours of operation, so I can still have family time and Me time. I do not recommend spending all day marketing online. Offline marketing still works for many businesses. Spend a hour or two online then, take a walk outside and make your business to let at least 3 people know about what you have to offer.

    This is my theory, once you send a letter it’s gone, it’s out there reaching the person or people it needs too. You don’t have to watch it happen. Once you put a post online, it is in cyber space. You can move on to the next task at hand. Revisit later to see your results.

    The moral of the story is too be mindful of your time when you are marketing your business online or offline. There are many other aspects of your business that needs your attention.

    Recommendation: 60 Second Marketing Strategy eBook

    If you want to use this article, you must include blurb below.

    For over 10 years, Real Sisters Rising, LLC founder and CEO ShaChena Gibbs has owned or managed small businesses. Expert in her field, Ms. Gibbs personally and professionally guide her clients/members to reach higher heights to achieve major success in their business endeavors. ShaChena Gibbs is passionate about helping women globally become outstanding role models now for our youth later. Ms. Gibbs is definitely “Helping Women find the Diamond in their Destiny". She has been featured in the Daily News and many other publications.


  • 07/11/2011 2:47 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    Building Great Relationships from Networking Event

    Have you even gone to a networking event then after you leave, you do not have a good memory of who you met or the event is like a blur? And if someone asked you “how was the event?” You would respond “It was an event”? Well I have attended some great networking events recently and I have to say they were all memorable in their own way. I love networking and meeting new people and learning new things. I’m going to share a few thoughts about some of the events I have attended recently.

    The SuccessNet with Dr. Randall Pinkett was an awesome event. I had the pleasure of being invited to the VIP area by the Founder of 1209 Affair Frank Waters. Being in the elite section allowed me to network with some of the best in the industry like George Fraser and Dr. Randall Pinkett, Liz Black, and many more. The message at the event was delivered with energy. I even met some awesome friends that we have been networking with on social sites. We finally get to put the face to the emails lol. I was able to meet long time yahoo friend Tina Potts and Facebook friends Sanya Hudson and Daphne Williams. Sanya and myself have been connected since this awesome event. Great event.

    Entrepreneurs of New York Launch was an intimate event. Although there were some technical issues Lashawna Allen Muhammed made it happen. I mean all entrepreneurs have some type of issue putting events together. The goal is to keep going and review after it’s all over so we can do it better next time. However, Lashawna’s event was wonderful, great vendors. Do you know she had Lou Myers for her keynote? Great great  man and message. He is so funny. Lashawna had her wonderful family there to support her. And that it self is a blessing. Many of us do everything we can to have our family support our entrepreneurial projects. I will support Lashawna any way I can as long as it fits with my character. I finally was able to meet a future partner of RSR Geneva Farrow. There was a young lady there who needed some information for online free business education I gave her my number and she called and I was able to assist her. I felt really good because she was happy, and she said ‘FINALLY”. She was happy to finally get some help.

    I am meeting with Geneva to form a strategic partnership with her non profit organization   A Young Mother’s D.R.E.A.M. and there are a few other business owners that will be coming to speak at one Real Sisters Rising events.

    When we attend events we have to go with a goal in mind. My goal is to build relationships and gain new members for Real Sisters Rising. So when I attend events, I am prescreening potential members and meeting potential partners. You can also learn a lot because the veterans in business love to share sound advice. Take head to the pros. They can take you over the top if you just listen!

    Keep Rising,

    ShaChena Gibbs

    Small Business Educator

    ShaChena Gibbs

    For over 10 years, Real Sisters Rising, LLC founder and CEO ShaChena Gibbs has owned or managed small businesses. Expert in her field, Ms. Gibbs personally and professionally guide her clients/members to reach higher heights to achieve major success in their business endeavors. ShaChena Gibbs is passionate about helping women globally become outstanding role models now for our youth later. Ms. Gibbs is definitely “Helping Women find the Diamond in their Destiny". She has been featured in the Daily News and many other publications.

  • 06/15/2011 3:04 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)
    Why is it so important to have a business coach or mentor?

    Business CoachEveryone has a different reason for hiring a coach/mentor. There are some who believe there is no need for a coach. Below we ask a few entrepreneurs to share with us the reasons for hiring a business coach or mentor.

    ~Real Sisters Rising, LLC

    "Why I believe it's important to have a business coach or mentor?"


    Ronnell I stumbled across business in a place that you would not believe - PRISON!! I remember sitting in prison with a fresh 15 year sentence. I had no idea what the hell I was going to do with my life. I knew that the "street run" had come to a close. I knew that I would be in my mid-thirties upon release. I had no work experience. I have never been to high school. I had no vocational training and I have never been mechanically inclined. To make matters worst, I was the boss of my street regime. I was always responsible for the strategic direction of others. I was hurt and confused, but something very explosive was happening in America - THE HIP-HOPRENEUR BOOM!!!

    It seemed as if the hip-hop inspired entrepreneur was a character that fell out of the heavens. I remember the rapid rise of urban record companies, magazines, books, clothing lines, film companies, recording studios, and athletic leagues. That was phase 1.

    Phase 2 consisted of the companies needed to consult and support them. Phase #2 consisted of the rapid rise of urban –management firms, public-relations firms, marketing/promotion companies, styling firms, merchandising firms, fitness consultation firms, and independent radio stations.  Suddenly, it was on. We as a people had finally bum-rushed corporate America. I couldn't believe it! Black impresarios were showing off Park Avenue offices, jets, Rolls Royce’s, Bentleys, mansions/ penthouses, exotic vacations, and Wall Street level earnings. It was going down!

    At that time, I wish I knew the formula. I remember thinking "how could these guys make such a bold rise from the projects to the apex of corporate America?" I saw brothers inside their cells reading
    The Prince by Mackavelli, The Art of War by Sun Tzu, and The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene. However, I knew that studying high-end political philosophy would be futile without something to ground it in. I saw brothers going off to the college workshop study hall to write their thesis papers for their collegiate business-management courses. However, this high-end textbook business information has absolutely no relation to the grassroot struggle of starting a business from a project apartment. Jay-Z or Teri Woods did not attend college. I watched the legendary street-hustlers school the younger guys. They gave these guys endless info on the art of turning a $150 street investment to an empire, but I understood that such a life does not last forever. It is just a "run". Finally, I encountered what I needed all along: A MENTOR!

    An older prisoner was the host of a 6- week business planning workshop. I decided to attend. The instructor, Jabar, was an incarcerated former drug czar. He was serving a 25-life sentence. He spent years mastering business in efforts to sort out how he was swindled out of millions of dollars worth of investments. He obtained several collegiate degrees, and became certified as a business-planner by several nationally recognized financial institutions. There were several
      high-profile black entrepreneurs going to visit this brother for  business advice. His name was Jabar, and he became my mentor.

    I attended five cycles of this brother's business workshop. I also enrolled in collegiate
    correspondence courses. I earned associate degrees, with honors, in business-marketing as well as organizational behavior. My mentor's insight was instrumental.  He spent years teaching me how different rules and techniques that we utilized in the street hustle are applicable to corporate business. At that point, I was able to return back to The Prince, The Art of War, The 33 strategies of war, and so forth with a true understanding of what I was reading. My mentor walked me through.

    Naturally, I earned certifications in business-planning from a slew of financial institutions. I became the facilitator of the workshop, and I started businesses from prison. I returned from prison as the CEO of The Fever Enterprises LLC. I consult, La Reina Del Barrio Productions, and HMB music / video productions. I am a contributing editor to Afrimpact magazine. I am on the board of directors of the E.L.I.T.E group youth services. I absolutely could not have done this without the help of a solid mentor.

    Ronnell “Chewy” Coombs wrote a book for black women entitled
    The Female Baller's Handbook ( The main reason that I wrote The Female Baller's Handbook was because I knew that 99% of black women, especially in the hood, have an extremely difficult time finding a solid mentor. A solid mentor can walk you through that magic transition from the streets to the office suite. There are raw, uncut, naked truths about the game that a solid mentor can walk you through. Let's face it there are times when the textbook and real life doesn’t coincide. A mentor can help you find that bridge. Your mentor understands your individual struggle, and he will ensure that what he is offering is applicable to you! PLEASE DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THE IMPORTANCE OF A SOLID MENTOR.

    The Female Baller's handbook and The Economy is messed up this is the shit you need to know by Ronnell "Chewy" Coombs are available at

    "Why I believe it's important to have a business coach or mentor?"

    Cee Cee Caldwell-MillerIt is very important that a small business owner get a mentor or coach because, you need someone who has been there and done that. What I mean simply is that, you need someone who can show you the ropes, give you sound advice and catapult you to the next level in business. If you have a coach or mentor you are more inclined to do the things necessary to run a small business enterprise properly. Without a coach or mentor you are not really accountable to anyone for anything.

    Mentors/Coaches help you strategize realistic game plans for business success, they call you on the carpet when you do not do what is required, they give you assignments that will help you become a successful business person and they listen and advise you when things are not going as planned. They are your industry expert which is what you need so that you may become one as well. They allow you to pick their brains, by asking any question you may have about your specific business or industry, mentors let you shadow them to get hands on experience before you even start your business to make sure this is something that you want to do. This allows you to really see the ins and out of the particular business you are considering before you make the investment of time, energy and money. Even the big money makers like, Oprah, Donald Trump, Bill Gates etc., have mentors/coaches.

    You need someone who can be objective when it comes to business development, someone that will coach you into GREATNESS. But remember, there is no need for a mentor/coach if you are not going to take their advice in regards to your business success. It is your business but, no man is an island.

    Cee Cee H. Caldwell- Miller is a native of Washington, DC and she now resides in Plainfield, New Jersey. Cee Cee H. Caldwell-Miller attended Trenton State College in Ewing Township, New Jersey where she received a B.A. in Communication and Theater with a minor in African American Studies. She worked in the following industries: real estate, healthcare, retail, banking, higher education and software before deciding to pursue her Master’s degree. Her love for helping people, since she was young caused her to receive a M.A. in Counseling, Human Services and Educational Leadership with a Substance Awareness Coordinator, Cert. of Eligibility. After receiving her M.A. she worked in Business Finance and City Government. She believes in continual education no matter what because knowledge is potential power.

    Cee Cee has had a love for business since she was a little girl and is a believer in the entrepreneurial dream. Because of her love for business, Cee Cee has started several businesses, she is a true entrepreneur, Diamond Enterprises International (a business and personal development company), iVue Graphics and Media Solutions, Inc. with her husband J.T. (a printing and marketing solutions firm), A Healthier U Lifestyle Co. (coaching, health and wellness company) and her latest venture Just Make Scents, LLC a nature based Bath & Body Company will launch in June 2011.

    Cee Cee speaks and facilitates workshops on the following topics: Being A Healthier U (Living Your Best Life From The Inside Out), The ABC’s of Business Basics, Success Principles, Passion and Purpose, Authentic Living, Wellness In The Workplace, Time Management (Whose Time is it anyway) and The Art of Relaxing, Relating and Releasing (stress mgmt.).  Cee Cee is also a Certified Life Coach, her coaching includes personal and business development, health & wellness, life skills, relationships and many other areas. She has helped many people on their journey to reach and attain BUSINESS & PERSONAL SUCCESS and TOTAL WELLNESS.

    For more information or to schedule Cee Cee “Mrs. Opportunity” Caldwell-Miller” for your next company or business event/conference or coaching info: visit or call (908) 644-3156.

    "Why I believe it's important to have a business coach or mentor?"

    Candace MickentsFrom birth to high school we have been surrounded by people whose sole purpose was to educate, guide, inform, correct and lead us into becoming high functioning respectable citizens of society.  At the very least we were expected to bypass jail and make it to prom night with our virginity intact. The concept of someone mentoring youth to do well in school, stay off the streets and land a respectable job is fairly digestible to most of today’s society.  Yes, opinions differ on the ” how to’s” and the “what ifs and when’s” of mentorship but most would agree mentorship is a critical part of growth into adulthood in one form or another.  However, once the school bell rings and high school graduates run wild and directionless at times, into the work force or to college, the concept of mentor ship changes.  

    We strive to become the Mentor and not the Mentee. We seek to teach and not necessarily to be taught even when we are embroiled in undergraduate and graduate education pursuits where learning is supposed to be expected and sought after.  Somehow, adulthood equates to becoming all knowing and this concept permeates today’s work force and society in general.  Most people would rather chew their arm off than to admit to not knowing an answer on the job or even at the dinner table with a group of friends for that matter.  Seeking advice and direction messes up the competitive make up of today’s workplace and life force in general.  But the dirty little secret that everyone is trying hard to keep is that now more than ever we need help. 

    We need help with decisions on family, career, health, finances and spirituality.  In the midst of technology in every form , information is getting harder and harder to navigate and more and more people need assistance or simply feedback from someone outside of the little voice (and at times loud voice)that lives in their own head.  This is where the need for Mentors and more recently, Life and Business Coaches come in.   These mentors and coaches push us to look at our circumstances through different lenses. They help us to plan and supportively help us to stick to the plan that we have created. Mentors and Coaches provide a sacred safety net of resources where we can feel comfortable without knowing all of the answers and provide encouragement instead of judgment.  Everyone needs this. Especially after age 18.

    Candace J. Mickens is a nonprofit focused business management and diversity consultant, world traveler, writer and overall lover of all things artistic, living in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

    Candace J.Mickens
    Ubuntu Management Consulting
    "Business Services with a Human Touch"

    "Why I believe it's important to have a business coach or mentor?"

    Eula Young-GuestAs a business owner you need to have a person with experiences and expertise that can help you through the journey.  It is vital to have eyes and ears to guide you, support you and to help you build yourself as you build your business. 

    As I grow my business build my brand move forward in life.  I learn that I need to surround myself with mentors and business coaches.  All of us as human beings have fears, and having a person who you can talk to is vital.  My business coach helps me in so many ways.  I get advice, I bounce off ideas, and I get a second opinion on things that I maybe thinking about.  I get the real unsexy deal about stuff from my business coach, straight no chaser and sometimes you need someone to give it to you straight and someone that has your best interest at heart. 

    As a woman, wife, mother, grandmother, my mentor has been so instrumental in helping me be my personal best.  When you wear so many hats, you can get lost in those hats.  My mentors listen and then give me their expert opinion.  Sometimes they don’t need to give me advice they will guide me through my process.  They are there to just listen and other times, there to say I think this is something you should think about. 

    I recommend that every business owner and entrepreneur have mentors and business coach it is an investment in your personal best and your personal growth.

    Eula M. Young, daughter of the late John D. Young & Mrs. Gertrude Young, was raised in the south Bronx, New York.  She graduated from William Howard Taft High School with an Academic Diploma.  Ms. Young graduated in 2005 with her Bachelors in Business Administration from Metropolitan College of New York, and completed business courses at the Workshop in Business Opportunities (WIBO) class of 2009. Eula M. Young lives with her husband and partner Derrick M. Guest and their daughter Shassee. 

    Ms. Young has developed a sharp eye for business as the Chief Operating Officer & co-owner of Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services Inc. a video marketing, video production, video editing and video consulting company. 

    Ms. Young is a member of Real Sister’s Rising, Black Business Works Inc. several meet-up and on-line groups, on the School Leadership Team and Parents Association at The Henry Garnett School for Success. For interviews, panel discussions, speaking engagements contact Ms. Young at (212) 281-2286 or

  • 05/16/2011 11:36 AM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    Tips to Marketing on Facebook

    Do you ever wonder why with all the friends you have on Facebook and still you are not making any money? If you answered Yes, don't worry you are not the only one.
    Here are a few tips that can help get started today.

    • Visit a few of your FB friends and say Hello and introduce yourself.
    • Contact at least 3 to 5 new friends daily/weekly. The goal is to be seen and built a form of trust.
    • Participate in discussions that follows your niche. Become the expert.
    • Create topics, reply to other friends discussions, and allow your audience to get to know you.
    • Do Not be annoying with posting only your AD'S. Doing this will give people a sense of selfishness from you and that you are not here to network or care about their product or services. Posting AD's on your friends wall, groups, and fan pages without proper communication will get you removed or potential customers may keep distance from you.
    • Remember you are your BRAND!  Watch what you do and say, you are being observed.
    Recommended Reading:
    Social Media Marketing & Relationship Building

    For over 10 years, Real Sisters Rising, LLC founder and CEO ShaChena Gibbs has owned or managed small businesses. Expert in her field, Ms. Gibbs personally and professionally guide her clients/members to reach higher heights to achieve major success in their business endeavors. ShaChena Gibbs is passionate about helping women globally become outstanding role models now for our youth later. Ms. Gibbs is definitely “Helping Women find the Diamond in their Destiny". She has been featured in the Daily News and many other publications.

  • 04/04/2011 1:45 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    Building Virtual Relationships

    by ShaChena Gibbs

    This morning I was on
    Black Business Works Power Talk with Hanif Russell and Jay Brunson. It was a wonderful interview with the two gentlemen. We discussed some of the few of many ways to build relationships and grow your presence on social media. If you have spoken with me, you know that building relationships is something I speak about frequently. So I want to share some tips with you to assist you with getting started with building some professional relationships of your own.

    1. Say Happy Birthday to the birthday friend.

    2. If someone is posting some good news, like a new launching, business expansion, personal advancement, etc. Say "Congratulations" to them.

    3. Sometime your friends will share a post on their wall or page. If you see this post and it's something you may be interested in, click share to share it with your friends. I know the person who originally posted will really appreciate your efforts and just may stop by your page to say Thank you.

    4. Be yourself at all times, just respectful.

    5. Reach out to help someone in your niche area.

    6. Send referrals if you see some one posting for assistance and you can be of assistance.

    7. When you join
    fan pages and groups, become active and share your thoughts of the day/week.

    8. When a friend says "Have a good day/morning" respond back.

    9. If you connect with someone that really interest you, ask if you can have a phone discussion, exchange numbers and take it to the next level of friendship.

    10. Ask your new friends to introduce them selves and their business to you.

    11. When you join a
    group or fan page or any social network, introduce your self.

    12. Upon joining the
    social networks, don't go posting all your ad's recklessly. Your friends will begin to ignore your posts.

    Happy Networking.

    For over 10 years, Real Sisters Rising, LLC founder and CEO ShaChena Gibbs has owned or managed small businesses. Expert in her field, Ms. Gibbs personally and professionally guide her clients/members to reach higher heights to achieve major success in their business endeavors. ShaChena Gibbs is passionate about helping women globally become outstanding role models now for our youth later. Ms. Gibbs is definitely “Helping Women find the Diamond in their Destiny". She has been featured in the Daily News and many other publications.

  • 03/31/2011 1:36 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    How to Grow your Business for Success: 5 Tips

    By ShaChena Gibbs

    • Business Formation – If you are planning to do business outside your local area or you are planning to expand your business globally, Sole Proprietorship is not the way to go. This formation will only give you legal rights to do business in your local city.
    • Policies & Procedures – You know as the head of household, we sometime get sick and have to be on bed rest. During this time our homes are being tended to by the rest of the family. They have to clean and cook just like you do, however they can not do it like you can. Did you leave them directions on how to clean your home? or how to cook dinner? No?! You should have, you would have been more of a happier person once you became well. The same goes for running your business. If you go on vacation, get ill, or worst who and how will someone be able to run your company the way you want them to if you did not leave them instructions?! Creating a Company Policy Manual is a must if you want to grow a successful business.
    • Ready to move out? – In recent years many more home business owners were born. However, our businesses seem to grow and grow. It gets to the point you out grow your home office. Do you believe you are ready to venture off and rent office space outside? Think about this before you make that move….Do you have AT LEAST one year rent?
    • You can make a Six figure income! – It’s not a simple task to generate a six figure income. Putting a plan in place and taking action along with motivation can get you there. You have to plan the number game to know exactly how much you must sell per day, week, and month to know how you can earn a six figure income. Then knowing what actions you have to engage in to get it going. Start playing with your numbers and raise your income.
    • Newsletters for your company - Another way to prepare your company for success is being prepared. If your company has a newsletter or ezine, save time and prepare your documents 6 months to 12 months in advance. Why wait til the last minute to get it done. Make a list of topics that relate to your niche and begin to write. You can save them on your computer until you are ready to send out the blast. The goal is to be ready and prepared.

    For over 10 years, Real Sisters Rising, LLC founder and CEO ShaChena Gibbs has owned or managed small businesses. Expert in her field, Ms. Gibbs personally and professionally guide her clients/members to reach higher heights to achieve major success in their business endeavors. ShaChena Gibbs is passionate about helping women globally become outstanding role models now for our youth later. Ms. Gibbs is definitely “Helping Women find the Diamond in their Destiny". She has been featured in the Daily News and many other publications.

  • 03/10/2011 12:37 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    How to Write a Business CV

    Curriculum Vita (CV) is Latin for "course of one's life." Similar to a resume, a CV is used for those seeking employment in professional industries such as medicine, science, education, law and media. A business CV includes information concerning your educational and academic backgrounds and any relevant experience. A well written CV will help to ensure that you land your dream job.

    Difficulty: Moderate


    1. Write your career objective and why you are the right person for this business position to start the business CV. Include education and academic information and only relevant experience. In some cases, you may decide to include publications, awards or honors, presentations, and affiliations. Be sure to include your contact information as a header.

    2. Be concise and only include relevant details. A long list of awards and accolades might look good but if they aren't necessary in the business field, there is no reason to include them on your business CV. Remember, your potential future employer has to read through many CVs, and you want yours to stick out in a good and meaningful way.

    3. Use action verbs and bullet points to provide additional information that describe your business achievements and experience. Back up your statements. Show examples of you being a team player rather than just saying you're an excellent team worker. Expand more on your more recent roles.

    4. Personalize your CV and tailor it to the business you want to work for. Examine what this business requires of its employees, and demonstrate your experience with those specific requirements. Sending out a generic CV to many places will not help you when measured against other tailored CVs.

    5. Tell the truth. Do not stretch the truth as you might have to take a competency-based assessment to determine your skill level and failing or falling short will only harm you. You do not want your important first impression to be a lie.

    6. Check grammar and spelling. Have someone look over your business CV before sending it to potential employers. Do not use fancy fonts. Determine what image (dependable, trustworthy, leader) you are trying to project and tailor your CV to project that image. Keep your CV simple and to the point and remember that the purpose of the CV is to sell yourself.

    Read more: How to Write a Business CV |

    Example of a CV:
  • 02/28/2011 12:58 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    Wellness From The Holistic Perspective

    I approach health and wellness from a holistic viewpoint, it is my belief that in order to be completely whole, healthy and happy we need to address every area of our life. I also believe that every modality does not work for every individual. We are made up of different things, we come from different backgrounds and we desire different lifestyles. Therefore, it is important that we take time out to do the necessary assessments to learn where we are starting from, so that we can work with the proper practitioners that will help up reach our intended goals.

    Health is when your body functions as it is supposed to. Wellness is having BALANCE in your life. You need to approach your health and wellness from a holistic approach. There is more than one way to achieve your
    health and wellness goals in all areas of your life from physical, mental, emotional, etc., you just need a plan of action that is best suited for your lifestyle as well as for you temperament.

    Each day you make many decisions that affect your happiness, wholeness & wellness. For example, you may decide to use a seatbelt, to drink milk instead of soda, or go to sports practice. While each of these decisions may seem small, taken together, day after day and year after year, they have a big effect on your life. They influence your daily
    energy level and self-confidence, as well as your future health & wellness overall.

    Being A Healthier U means living in Total Wellness from all
    aspects of life which include physical, mental, relational, emotional, social, spiritual, educational, environmental and financial health.

    Going From Where You are To Where You want to Be means taking the necessary steps you decide to take to move you into action that will lead you from stagnation to revelation and manifestation.

    Ask yourself the following question?

    What truly feeds you in your life? (Hint: I am not talking about the food on your plate!)

    Take a moment to think about what makes your days more enjoyable and worthwhile. Is it your morning yoga class? Time spent with your spouse or playing with your child? Maybe it's the feeling of accomplishment at work?

    Sometimes we're fed not by food but by the energy in our lives.

    Everything we consider as a source of nutrition - carbs or proteins, fresh produce or home-cooked meals - is really just a secondary source of nourishment or what is labeled as secondary food. It's the things off of our plate - healthy relationships, regular physical activity, a fulfilling career and a
    spiritual practice - which can fill our soul and satisfy our hunger for life, excitement and fulfillment. We call these elements primary food. What is more important are the things that are energy drainers in our life.

    Remember you are worth everything it takes to become a healthier you, because your life depends on it. You already have everything you need to succeed in this life; it is now time to put these things into MASSIVE ACTION. Get a Coach, Counselor or Consultant to help you map out the plan for your life.

    It is time for no more EXCUSES! Just do it!

    I speak and facilitate workshops on the following topics: Being A Healthier U (Living Your Best Life From The Inside Out), The ABC’s of Business Basics, Success Principles, Passion and Purpose, Authentic Living, Wellness In The Workplace, Time Management (Whose Time is it anyway) and The Art of Relaxing, Relating and Releasing (stress mgmt.).

    For more information or to schedule Cee Cee “The Wellness Diva" Caldwell-Miller” for your next company or business event/conference or for coaching, e-mail me at or visit
  • 02/15/2011 12:56 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    13 Things Your Mail Carrier Won’t Tell You 

    by Reader's Digest Magazine,

    1. Maybe your dog won’t bite you. But in 2009, 2,863 of us were bitten, an average of nine bites per delivery day. That’s why I wince when your Doberman comes flying out the door.

    2. Remember this on Valentine’s Day: It takes our machines longer to read addresses on red envelopes (especially if they’re written in colored ink).

    3. Why stand in line? At, you can buy stamps, place a hold on your mail, change your address, and apply for passports. We even offer free package pickup and free flat-rate envelopes and boxes, all delivered right to your doorstep.

    4. Media Mail is a bargain, but most of you don’t know to ask for it. Sending ten pounds of books from New York City to San Francisco through Media Mail costs $5.89, compared with $16.77 for Parcel Post. Besides books, use it to send magazines, manuscripts, DVDs, and CDs; just don’t include anything else in the package.

    5. We don’t get a penny of your tax dollars. Really. The sale of postage, products, and services at our 36,000 retail locations, and on our website, covers all of the post office's operating expenses.

    6. UPS and FedEx charge you $10 or more for messing up an address. Us? Not a cent.

    7. Paychecks, personal cards, lettersundefinedanything that looks like good newsundefinedI put those on top. Utility and credit card bills? They go under everything else.

    8. Sorry if I seem like I’m in a hurry, but I’m under the gun: Our supervisors tell us when to leave, how many pieces of mail to deliver, and when we should aim to be back. Then some of us scan bar codes in mailboxes along our route so they can monitor our progress.

    9. Yes, we do have to buy our own stamps, but a lot of us carry them for customers who need them. If we don’t charge you, that’s because we like you.

    10. Use a ballpoint pen. Ink from those felt tips runs in the rain.

    11. Please dress properly when you come to the door. A towel wrapped around you doesn’t cut it. And we definitely don’t want to see you in your underwear!

    12. We serve 150 million addresses six days a week, so we’re often in the right place at the right time. We pull people out of burning cars, catch burglars in the act, and call 911 to report traffic accidents, dead bodies, and more.

    13. Most of us don’t mind if you pull up to our trucks while we’re delivering and ask for your mail a little early. But please get out of your car and come get it. Don’t just put your hand out your window and wait for me to bring it to you.

    PLUS: 11 More Things Your Mail Carrier Won’t Tell You

    Sources: Letter carriers in Missouri, New Jersey, and North Carolina; Fredric V. Rolando, president of the National Association of Letter Carriers; and a spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service.

    –Michelle Crouc
  • 02/10/2011 12:40 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)
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