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  • 03/08/2011 1:21 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)
    Company Update: A Few Words from ShaChena Gibbs

    I have not contribute to our blog in a really long time. There has been a lot of things happening for RSR in the first quarter of the year. We are preparing for our 8 year anniversary celebration. We want to bring to you some great new projects. Our goal is to help empower as many women as we can, there is not limit if we all work together.

    We have our Facebook Group now, and it's doing really well. There is more communication amongst the friends we have on facebook. Not only communication, we are making power connections. The Queens are doing some awesome things. We support each other and that is key. The more we build positive relationships the more successful we can be.

    There have been rumors also generating through Facebook about Real Sisters Rising, whew! lol We handle those situations like the Queens we are.

    I have been doing some local networking here in The Bronx, with our local politicians and decision makers. They love the idea and the mission of our organization. I will be following up with them to see if they actually follow through with what they offer us. We will keep you posted.

    Real Sisters Rising has been featured in a few publications on the net and we have some interviews done and some more to come in the near future.

    This is just a update on what has been going on with us. We have been here for 8 years and RSR is not going anywhere. Be consistent and innovative with your business. Keep your audience wanting more and informed.

    For ovShachena Gibbser 10 years, Real Sisters Rising, LLC founder and CEO ShaChena Gibbs has owned or managed small businesses. Expert in her field, Ms. Gibbs personally and professionally guide her clients/members to reach higher heights to achieve major success in their business endeavors. ShaChena Gibbs is passionate about helping women globally become outstanding role models now for our youth later. Ms. Gibbs is definitely “Helping Women find the Diamond in their Destiny". She has been featured in the Daily News and many other publications.
  • 03/03/2011 1:31 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)
    Blissful Elegance Celebrating Women History Month with
    ShaChena Gibbs

    My dear friend and long time member of Real Sisters Rising, Denise Best has an awesome Event Planning business. Blissful Elegance is celebrating Women History month by highlighting some phenomenal women. Today Shachena Gibbs was the business highlight. Thank you Denise Best of Blissful Elegance for featuring Real Sisters Rising.


  • 12/16/2010 1:34 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)
    The CEO System ... a Great Idea!
    by ShaChena Gibbs

    The day when this system or a system such as this was thought of, came after having a number of conversations with various members. These members had joined our organization in 2006 - 2007. Here it is 2010 and they have not grown in their businesses much. The reasons vary why they have taken their business to the next level.

    Because Real Sisters Rising was not created on focusing on problems only solutions, The CEO System was birth. After long evaluation of members past and current business practices, making phone calls asking the members what they need to get their business going, and sending out emails for their thoughts and opinions.

    This program was created on a need not just because. More and more women are becoming business owners without business ownership skills or training. Most do not know where or how to get it. ShaChena Gibbs the CEO of Real Sisters Rising, LLC surfed the internet, asked questions, and even did the foot work to find out what she didn't know. Now she is here 7 years later growing her dream and helping more women like herself find the solutions to their problems.

    We have partnered with phenomenal experts to assist with the programs. Our experts were so excited to participate. They were at some point in that same position of growth. Not knowing what they don't know.

    The CEO System has launched with financial education from Tanai Coleman. The participants were so excited and beginning the process as soon as they got off the call. They are just as excited as we are about the system put in place to help take your passion to profit in less than 12 months.

    Focus, Motivated, and Ambition will help our members and other women to create major success in their lives. Keep Rising!

    Join Us
    and Participate in The CEO System Today!

    Keep Rising

    ShaChena Gibbs,

    CEO / Founder & Small Business Educator

    "Helping Women find the Diamond in their Destiny"
  • 12/01/2010 1:37 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)
    Identity Women Magazine featured
    my short story on their site.

    It's made #3 Spot.

    Touched by Angels...

    I Love My...Hands: As I type and look at my hands, I see my grandmother sitting at the sewing machine moving the material across the bottom of the machine, I see my mother drawing self portraits of the people in our community. I see the hugs I give to my children that makes them feel as if they went to the doctor.

    Behind my hands is creativity, nurturing, and strength. My inner thoughts flow through arms and out of my finger tips. Once my words touch the paper, I begin to empower many women across the world.

    There is power in my touch. I am a woman of power and strength. My hands will be one of my great tools to carry out my life mission.

    Touch me why don't you, you will see that I am blessed.

    Thanks to: Shachena Gibbs of Real Sisters Rising, LLC.
  • 11/28/2010 1:43 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    You can do it! I know you can. You are blessed and highly favored!

    Networking is my niche. I am not afraid to ask questions and speak to people anymore. I hear this old saying in my head when I feel a bit nervous to speak up. " A closed mouth won't get fed." When I am online I reach out to my virtual friends and ask what kind of business are they in. If they have a product I need to utilize, I am no longer afraid to ask for it.

    The best part of networking is building relationships. The relationships you build can last a life time or just a season. However, make the best of each one. They are all unique in their own way. I have recently connected with some awesome people with some amazing stories. I mean they have some stories to tell, I believe the world should here what they have been through and where they are now!! I really believe these people and you are blessed and highly favored by your higher power.

    My latest connection is from a gentleman who has started a magazine online, formed partnerships across seas, and generated a volunteer staff all from prison. What??? Yes from prison. If he can why you can't?? I don't mean start a magazine company. I mean, why you can not live your dream? why you can not get off welfare? Why you can not, write your book? Most cases it's procrastination.

    My friends have told me that I am blessed and highly favored. I so believe them. Because there have been things that happen in my life, that I can't even explain. I say Miracles!  I believe we all can do and be anything we put our hearts and minds too. It may not be easy, but if you love it, then it will be fun and beneficial.

    Side Note: Begin to think about creating generational wealth. Our youth are also blessed and highly favored, however, let's give them a headstart!

    Keep Rising,

    ShaChena Gibbs

    CEO/ Small Business Educator
    Real Sisters Rising, LLC

    Real Sisters Rising
  • 11/19/2010 1:48 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)
    Here is a testimony that made me cry this week from
    Beverly Campbell:

    RSR is doing big things up north. Keep up the good work. What I like about RSR is the sisters that are apart of this organization actually assist other sisters members and none members. That's why RSR (the dedicated) will always be blessed. Many sisters are self promoting they wont do a thing for another sister unless they are getting something in return up front. Also, they will use an idea or networking tool and wont even send a thank you email.

    RSR a real sisters organization! Enjoy the seeds that you have sown.
    God bless You.

    Peace, Love & Prosperity
  • 11/01/2010 2:53 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)
    This month is starting out so fabulous for me. I am featured in Money Mastery Magazine...Woo Hooo!

    Click to read the articles and learn ways to become more financially empowered Today!

    Letter From The Editor


    Hello Everyone! Thank you for making last month issue a huge success!

    I received some great feedback from our subscribers. We are going to keep moving forward this month by giving you more great articles on financial stability and how to get your business idea off the ground.

    This month we're getting the whole family involved. We're talking about the role each family member plays in helping to achieve financial health. We're also going to talk about what to do now that you have the vision for your business. Not to mention we've got an interview with ShaChena Gibbs, founder of Real Sisters Rising!! A Big M3 Welcome to all our New Subscribers! Please shoot me an email to tell me what you thought of our 2nd Issue.


    Tanai M. Coleman


    Spotlight on success: ShaChena Gibbs

    Interview with ShaChena Gibbs

    Founder of Real Sisters Rising


    Many people desire to start a business but few actually

    take the plunge.

    What made you decide to start your own business?

    The main reason that I decided to start my own business is that it’s all I know. My family is 85% entrepreneurs in many different fields. Working for someone was not something I learned to do as a child. Not to mention that once I had children and saw how hard it was to survive without money or money management skills, I decided my children will not have to go through what I went through to make it in life. I am going to build an empire of enterprises to leave to them. I want to develop generation wealth.

    Many people struggle to settle on one good business idea.

    How did you choose the type of business you wanted to launch?

    It was hard. However I sat down with a business consultant and explained to her exactly what I wanted. Then she explained to me that I was creating an organization for women. She gave me homework to research organizations so that I could decide what my niche would be. I had so many ideas. The consultant suggested I focus on one or two. After researching my niche I also did a self evaluation and realized I loved passionately to help women grow and better themselves. As I learned more about business I taught other women. This is how Real Sisters Rising became an organization of women entrepreneurs.

    What types of activities and events can members

    of your organization participate in?

    We have mostly virtual events. Online conferences, member’s only conference calls, meet and greets, live workshops, goal setting teleclasses, teleclasses for business growth, and award ceremonies.

    What is the average cost of an event hosted by Real Sisters Rising?

    The cost of our events ranges from $10 - $75

    What do you expect event attendees to bring to the table in order to make it

    worthwhile for not only them but other attendees as well?

    I expect them to bring positive attitudes and an open mind to learn and share their knowledge while networking. We want everyone to make a profit and develop connections.

    We know that being a business owner is mostly on the job training.

    What was the best business lesson you have learned to date?

    Building relationships, following up and being consistent I believe are some key ingredients to building a business.

    When you look back on your entrepreneurial journey is there anything you would do differently?

    Yes I would learn more about managing business finances.

    Smart business owners always plan ahead.

    What do you see in the near future for Real Sisters Rising? 

    One of my greatest visions is to have a large number of our members who when they joined were just getting started or were a little stagnated develop their businesses to the point where they are making 6 figures a year and higher.

    If you would like to contact ShaChena for more information

    then here's where you can find her:

    ShaChena Gibbs

    Real Sisters Rising, LLC.
    "Helping Women Find the Diamond In Their Destiny"

    Phone: 801.760.4293







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