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Health, Wellness & Spirituality

  • 08/19/2015 10:42 AM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)
    Morning Routine: Hey sisters. I have put together my morning routine. Most days I am on point however, I slip sometimes. So this morning I was on point and I want to share with you.
    • Wake up, eat, drink my Iaso Tea (detox)
    • Read 1 chapter of the latest book in my library. (Go Pro, Eric Worre)
    • Work out - 50 Standing ab crunches, 3 mile walk w? Leslie Sansone
    • Shower
    • Work
    (Recommended workout video

    Leslie Sansone Walk

  • 07/28/2015 3:30 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    Dieting Tips for Busy Women

    by ShaChena Gibbs

    Staying on a diet can be a challenge for anyone, but for a busy Loose 5 lbs in 5 Days with Iaso Teaworking mom the challenges can be a struggle. A busy lifestyle can make it impossible to get to the gym for a daily workout, prepare your meals ahead of time, or even to remember to pack your lunch for work each day. Being in a rush can make it difficult to stick to your diet plan when it’s so easy to grab something unhealthy. Here’s a list of hints and tips from other busy women that will help you stay onyour diet plan despite all the temptations and distractions.

    Don’t try to ‘save time’ by eating on the go, or snacking at your desk while you work. No matter how rushed you are, take the time to eat like a civilized human being, to quote many grandmother's. Set the table, put your food on a plate and have a meal. You’ll eat less and feel fuller – and not feel the urge to snack because you ‘haven’t eaten anything all day’.

    Cook just what will be eaten. Ignore all those homemaker articles that suggest that you ‘cook for tomorrow’ to save time. Cook one portion per person at each meal. That way you’ll avoid the temptation to finish off the leftover – and teach your family healthy eating habits.

    Get up early enough to eat breakfast at home. The morning rush to get ready may make it tempting to grab something on the way to work like some junk food, or skip breakfast entirely. Don’t do it. You’ll end up eating up all that saved time – and a lot more calories – with mid-morning trips to the snack machine, or fight off the blahs all morning long. Stock up on easy breakfast foods. A piece of fruit, a container of yogurt and a slice of toast are a healthy, balanced start for your day.

    Most diets suggest that you drink at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day. If the thought of drinking a half gallon of water makes you queasy, there are ways to make it more appealing. Stock up on flavored bottled water in the fridge at work and keep one icy cold on your desk. At home, float mint leaves, strawberries or lemon slices in a crystal pitcher. There’s no added calories, but oh what a difference in presentation and flavor!

    Trying to lose baby weight can be frustrating. You want to take it off as quickly as possible – but your body may not be cooperative. Keep in mind that your body is designed to nourish a child for up to a year after you give birth. Putting it on a starvation diet will kick it into survival gear, making it even harder to lose the extra weight. Instead of fighting your body’s natural tendency to store up nutrition for the baby, eat healthy portions and increase your activity level. And if you’re breastfeeding, remember that your body needs up to 1000 more calories a day than usual. Don’t skimp – you’ll just convince your body that it’s starving.

    Employ the buddy system for moral support. Making a pact with a friend to exercise together makes it easier to stick to your resolution. Instead of meeting with friends for lunch, challenge friends to a tennis game, or take a brisk walk in the park together. Become each others accountability partner. 

    Remember that a healthy, active lifestyle and a nutritious diet are the true keys to losing weight permanently. By choosing a diet that makes sense for your lifestyle, you’ll make it easier on yourself to lose weight, and keep it off for good.

    Total Life Changes

  • 05/19/2013 1:16 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    Information Sells

    By Cheryl Lacey Donovan

    If you have been researching or involved in online business for very long, you have no doubt seen a multitude of offers for "eBooks", books, reports and training courses on every subject imaginable.

    Why? Because information is the hottest product on the market! (At the foundational level, it's actually the Only product, but that's another article.) Information cuts straight to the root of all selling, which is answering the customer's question: "What will this product do for me?"

    There's another reason, though. Pure information is a product that doesn't require a huge financial overhead to produce, (other than the hard knocks you got in gaining the experience and information), and is easy and relatively low cost to deliver to the customer. That is what makes it such a great product for us, as entrepreneurs, to offer.

    Cheryl Lacey Donovan | Information SellsEveryone has life experience, training, and skills that others don't have. Everyone knows something that others want to know, or can do something that others want to learn. That's how I know you have an InfoProduct inside you, everyone does. Your first assignment is to decide which of your many gifts you are going to offer to the world!

    Does that mean you have to be able to write a book? No. Not necessarily. I'm talking about what is known as USP...Unique Selling Position. Your USP might be that you have detailed knowledge about someone else's product that you are selling as an affiliate. It could be that humorous way you present the information you have collected on some subject of interest, or the fact that you offer the best customer service available for the service you offer. You may offer the same products that others are also selling, but find your own unique market for them.

    But whatever you decide to use for your information product, your USP, you need to find one. If you were to research the online marketers who are honestly making the money they claim to be earning online, you would discover that they all have a USP. Your USP IS your product, however you package and deliver it.

    If you are working a Multi-level Marketing program or one of the BIBs (Business in a Box), you are not left out of this concept, but you may have to work harder to figure out how to be unique. You can still go for the niche marketing idea. Find a group of people who aren't usually reached by these kinds of businesses, or aim your advertising at people in the countries that are just now going online.

    You may, of course, actually write a book, eBook, or training course and sell it. Many are making good money doing just that. The list of helpful software and online publishers is growing every day. But even if you write your own product or design your own software, you will still need a well-thought-out USP to stand out in the crowd. It's like your business plan -- you need a firm foundation before you can build your future online success.

    Blog Contributor:

    Cheryl Lacey Donovan is an award winning best selling author, speaker, mentor, life/business coach, and radio/TV personality. To learn more about Cheryl and her coaching programs, or to have her speak at your next event please contact Carolyn Hall of the CL3 Agency at or visit Cheryl's website

  • 04/21/2013 12:00 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)
    Starting vs. Managing a Ministry
    by Evangelist Cheryl Lacey Donovan

    Contrary to popular belief there is a huge difference between starting and managing a ministry. For the most part the difficulty of starting a ministry pales in comparison to that of managing it. Achieving a balance Starting vs Managing a Ministry | Cheryl Lacey Donovanbetween your outreach, evangelism, and management can be mystifying. Far too often we hear of ministries closing due to a lack of understanding as to what should and shouldn't be included in its organizing documents, i.e., bylaws and articles of incorporation. Furthermore many ministries are oblivious to reporting requirements at local, state, and federal levels.

    I have listed below some things to consider that will help your ministry get a handle on some of the more important aspects of ministry management. Consider each one carefully and research those that require additional information.

    I have listed below some things to consider that will help your ministry get a handle on some of the more important aspects of ministry management. Consider each one carefully and research those that require additional information.

    1. Annual Reports: In general states require organizations, ministries and churches that have been incorporated to file an annual report. These reports are to be sent to the secretary of state. Failure to file will result in an administrative dissolution.

    2. Annual Tax Reporting: Churches and ministries are very likely required to file some sort of tax related information. The most common being W-2 and 1099-Misc. FormsWhen a church or ministry fails to file these returns, they face severe penalties under sections 6721 and 4958.

    3. Obtain liability insurance: More and more we are seeing churches and ministries. Involved in lawsuits. Some have even had to close their doors because of lawsuits. IN the end everyone suffers. When you have a good insurance policy, you have the resources of your insurance company at your disposal. If your church ever faces a lawsuit, the insurance company will bring its attorneys in for your defense because they are just as liable as you are.

    4. Make sure that the checking account is tied to the church Tax ID and not someone's social security number: Having the account attached to someones social is a big mistake. It leaves the church's checking account open to IRS and personal lawsuit judgments. 

    Evangelist Cheryl Lacey Donovan
    Author, Educator, Inspirational Speaker
  • 10/12/2012 1:49 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    I’m Still Standing! Yes ShaChena Gibbs

    by ShaChena Gibbs


    his has been such a rough year for me since Fall 2011. I am writing to share some of the obstacles I had to break through. My reason for sharing is because I know there are many others that may need to hear my story to get pass theirs. I also want to apologize for those who I have partnered with or communicated with and didn’t follow through my commitments.

    For many years I have been suffering with Depression. I never really told anybody, I really wanted to handle it myself. For awhile I had a handle on it, just temporarily.ShaChena Gibbs Life events just kept happening and I lost control. I didn’t want to leave my house to attend any events or see anyone. So for months I would hide behind the computer and just keep the business afloat in this way. I would even visit family or close friends. Many people didn’t understand why I would cancel so many events. The truth is I could not handle what was going on in my life.

    A few months ago I started the process of repairing my life. First I had to work on the family issues I was dealing with. Meaning I had to begin letting go of everyone else’s problems. They were not mine. Other people problems were the cause of my depression. When I evaluated my life I realized none of the issues in my life were my own. So It was time to let go.

    Do you realize depression can also affect your health? Well, it caused me to have severe back pains and chronic migraines. There were times I was on the floor holding my head because the pains were so so so severe. And the back pains will hinder me from walking. I also gained a lot of weight from just sitting at home.

    I begin to work out daily. Started walking around the neighborhood and doing short workouts from Youtube. I was drinking Fruit Smoothies in the summer. And I also let go of other people problems because they are all grown and they have to work out their own issues. You have to choose what words you will accept in your ear. I do this everyday now. I can listen however I will not take ownership of any one’s problems except my 11 yr old daughter.

    So again I apologize to anyone that I have disappointed in the last 12 months so. I also want to Thank all of the supporters who have called, emailed, texted, or even inboxed me during these times. You always have patients with me. Now it’s time to get back on the Star and RISE! JOIN ME! LET’S RISE TOGETHER!

    ShaChena GibbsShaChena Gibbs

    Mega Coach for Women

    "Be through it now let me help you Rise above it!"

  • 02/10/2012 2:51 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

    Feature Friday Interview: LaTalya Palmer

    Every Friday on Facebook we host an event called Feature Friday. On Feature Friday we interview members of our organization and loyal friends and followers. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs educated their audience with a Q & A session. Members of the groups have the opportunity to ask questions and leave comments. Our Featured guest will also answer and return comments.

    This week Feature Friday Guest:

    Tayla Palmer
    Life Designer and Founder of Phoenix Rising Success Coaching.
    fe Design Coach

    Q: Good afternoon LaTalya please introduce yourself to everyone.

    Good afternoon Real Sisters Rising! Thank you for having me:) I am LaTalya Palmer, Life Design Coach, Mom of 4 beautiful children :), Speaker and writer. By trade I'm also a Professional Trainer for human service agencies and non-profits. I'm just loving life and ALL that is unfolding in it!

    What’s your why? Why did you choose to become a life coach?

    Oh WOW! My WHY is the love and craving I have inside of me for growth. You know? It's a yearning that I've had since I was about 20 to see women like myself really live and express life. I look around and see so many of us trapped in adverse situations and I KNOW that there is a light and great possibility in each of us. And if I dont do my part to make an impact I literally cant sleep at night., I became a Life Coach after I attended Inner Visions Institute Founded by Iyanla Vanzant. They showed me a whole new way to support the upliftment of myself and others. After attending their 2 year program, I continued my journey and got certified.

    Can you tell us more about what redesigning one’s life means and how you help women do that?

    Yes. For me helping women redesign their life has been about dropping the victim role. The lies, stories and conditions that have been passed down to us. They keep us stuck and we remain trapped in this small version of ourselves. I remember believing that I couldnt succeed in life because I couldnt see past my pain, my traumas and the effects they had on me.
    So in working with women who want to get off the fence and accomplish their goals for real--we begin to identify and erradicate the false constructs and set up new paradigms based on whats true about them. We tap into our authenticity, our power and truth and build from that foundation. We create blueprints, move into action to get what we really want in life.

    Q: What are some overall issues that you find women are dealing with on a personal level that are keeping them stuck?

    Wow ShaChena! You know when I talk with women some of the main issues I hear are related to self image, how they perceive themselves, forgetting who they truly are in the midst of the roles they play in life, being unfulfilled and pleasing others, not taking time to care for themselves, lack of love and finances

    Real Sisters Rising Yes that is every where and it hurts me all the time when I come across women in these situations.

    Real Sisters Rising Thank you for being YOU!

    LaTalya LifeDesigner Thank you as well. You provide so many resources and connections for us to empower our selves.

    Real Sisters Rising It's my job.

    Jamey Young Love and finances

    Cynthia James FINANCES!

    Q: What specific areas of life do you help women with?

    A: I work with women who are redesigning their life after divorce, moms who are redesigning their life to fulfill their dreams while raising children, women who are at stuck at a cross road and need to create a blueprint for how to move forward with their goals.
    All of these areas take a new skill set, a new set of beliefs and an amazing level of ENERGY! In order to get out of the rut or into a new productive way of being,we have to clear out the old and breathe in the new:)

    This is awesome LaTalya, What tips do you have for women who are looking to redesign their life and achieve their goals?

    1.Upgrade your Self-Perception--Who Do you think You Are? We have a habit of seeing ourselves as paupers when we are really queens!
    2.Self-Appreciation--You have to maintain your value, your worth, your interests, your many aspects, your gifts, your creativity no matter WHAT!

    3.Get committed to you!!!-- Your work, your gifts, your contribution to the world. Your self-care, your me-time, your studies. All of the things that are important to you undefined get committed and consistent with it.

    4.Self Acceptance-accepting yourself right where you are. All of your flaws, weaknesses, looking in the mirror, prayer, looking at the things you’re in denial about with a loving and compassionate eye, releasing self-judgment and criticism

    5.Self-Forgiveness- for all the times you feel like you messed up

    6.Radically loving yourself, telling it to yourself, doing beautiful things for yourself, show yourself love the way you would want your perfect partner to show you love.

    7. Get a plan, get an accountability partner and GET MOVING!!!!

    It's long but I wanted to bring some value today :)

    Lee Hackney I needed this...thank you

    Q: Are you currently working on anything that you want to share with us?

    WOO HOO!! Yes I am :) I'm always about being out of the box and finding ways to bring transformation be about fun, love and growth. SO, I have a new coaching program titled, Unleash your Inner F.R.E.A.K so you can live your IDEAL Life~ F=Free from limited beliefs; R=Radical living; E=Expressing gifts, talents, purpose; A=authentic self and how to create powerful relationships and careers; K=kinetic energy, things we can do to get unstuck.

    It helps us also to use our sensual and feminine power to achieve success in a world that keeps us moving and always on the go. We easily lose our sense of self.

    Q: LaTalya, our last question for you, and I know our friends would love to know, How can we contact you?

    Oh wonderful. I'm best reached by email on; I'm here on
    FB LaTalya LifeDesigner;
    twitter @coachlatalya.
    My website with bio is

    Real Sisters Rising Thank you so much Queen.

    Real Sisters Rising Wonderful!!! I want to Thank LaTalya our LifeDesigner for joining us today for our Feature Friday Spotlight. If you want to get in contact with her you can visit her website home
    LaTalya LifeDesigner Thank you so much for having me. You know I love any opportunity to run my mouth.. LOL. Nah really--any opportunity to share and be a positive contributor! We are all here to make great impacts--let's do what we do!!!

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