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Feature Friday Interview with LaTalya Palmer

02/10/2012 2:51 PM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

Feature Friday Interview: LaTalya Palmer

Every Friday on Facebook we host an event called Feature Friday. On Feature Friday we interview members of our organization and loyal friends and followers. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs educated their audience with a Q & A session. Members of the groups have the opportunity to ask questions and leave comments. Our Featured guest will also answer and return comments.

This week Feature Friday Guest:

Tayla Palmer
Life Designer and Founder of Phoenix Rising Success Coaching.
fe Design Coach

Q: Good afternoon LaTalya please introduce yourself to everyone.

Good afternoon Real Sisters Rising! Thank you for having me:) I am LaTalya Palmer, Life Design Coach, Mom of 4 beautiful children :), Speaker and writer. By trade I'm also a Professional Trainer for human service agencies and non-profits. I'm just loving life and ALL that is unfolding in it!

What’s your why? Why did you choose to become a life coach?

Oh WOW! My WHY is the love and craving I have inside of me for growth. You know? It's a yearning that I've had since I was about 20 to see women like myself really live and express life. I look around and see so many of us trapped in adverse situations and I KNOW that there is a light and great possibility in each of us. And if I dont do my part to make an impact I literally cant sleep at night., I became a Life Coach after I attended Inner Visions Institute Founded by Iyanla Vanzant. They showed me a whole new way to support the upliftment of myself and others. After attending their 2 year program, I continued my journey and got certified.

Can you tell us more about what redesigning one’s life means and how you help women do that?

Yes. For me helping women redesign their life has been about dropping the victim role. The lies, stories and conditions that have been passed down to us. They keep us stuck and we remain trapped in this small version of ourselves. I remember believing that I couldnt succeed in life because I couldnt see past my pain, my traumas and the effects they had on me.
So in working with women who want to get off the fence and accomplish their goals for real--we begin to identify and erradicate the false constructs and set up new paradigms based on whats true about them. We tap into our authenticity, our power and truth and build from that foundation. We create blueprints, move into action to get what we really want in life.

Q: What are some overall issues that you find women are dealing with on a personal level that are keeping them stuck?

Wow ShaChena! You know when I talk with women some of the main issues I hear are related to self image, how they perceive themselves, forgetting who they truly are in the midst of the roles they play in life, being unfulfilled and pleasing others, not taking time to care for themselves, lack of love and finances

Real Sisters Rising Yes that is every where and it hurts me all the time when I come across women in these situations.

Real Sisters Rising Thank you for being YOU!

LaTalya LifeDesigner Thank you as well. You provide so many resources and connections for us to empower our selves.

Real Sisters Rising It's my job.

Jamey Young Love and finances

Cynthia James FINANCES!

Q: What specific areas of life do you help women with?

A: I work with women who are redesigning their life after divorce, moms who are redesigning their life to fulfill their dreams while raising children, women who are at stuck at a cross road and need to create a blueprint for how to move forward with their goals.
All of these areas take a new skill set, a new set of beliefs and an amazing level of ENERGY! In order to get out of the rut or into a new productive way of being,we have to clear out the old and breathe in the new:)

This is awesome LaTalya, What tips do you have for women who are looking to redesign their life and achieve their goals?

1.Upgrade your Self-Perception--Who Do you think You Are? We have a habit of seeing ourselves as paupers when we are really queens!
2.Self-Appreciation--You have to maintain your value, your worth, your interests, your many aspects, your gifts, your creativity no matter WHAT!

3.Get committed to you!!!-- Your work, your gifts, your contribution to the world. Your self-care, your me-time, your studies. All of the things that are important to you undefined get committed and consistent with it.

4.Self Acceptance-accepting yourself right where you are. All of your flaws, weaknesses, looking in the mirror, prayer, looking at the things you’re in denial about with a loving and compassionate eye, releasing self-judgment and criticism

5.Self-Forgiveness- for all the times you feel like you messed up

6.Radically loving yourself, telling it to yourself, doing beautiful things for yourself, show yourself love the way you would want your perfect partner to show you love.

7. Get a plan, get an accountability partner and GET MOVING!!!!

It's long but I wanted to bring some value today :)

Lee Hackney I needed this...thank you

Q: Are you currently working on anything that you want to share with us?

WOO HOO!! Yes I am :) I'm always about being out of the box and finding ways to bring transformation be about fun, love and growth. SO, I have a new coaching program titled, Unleash your Inner F.R.E.A.K so you can live your IDEAL Life~ F=Free from limited beliefs; R=Radical living; E=Expressing gifts, talents, purpose; A=authentic self and how to create powerful relationships and careers; K=kinetic energy, things we can do to get unstuck.

It helps us also to use our sensual and feminine power to achieve success in a world that keeps us moving and always on the go. We easily lose our sense of self.

Q: LaTalya, our last question for you, and I know our friends would love to know, How can we contact you?

Oh wonderful. I'm best reached by email on; I'm here on
FB LaTalya LifeDesigner;
twitter @coachlatalya.
My website with bio is

Real Sisters Rising Thank you so much Queen.

Real Sisters Rising Wonderful!!! I want to Thank LaTalya our LifeDesigner for joining us today for our Feature Friday Spotlight. If you want to get in contact with her you can visit her website home
LaTalya LifeDesigner Thank you so much for having me. You know I love any opportunity to run my mouth.. LOL. Nah really--any opportunity to share and be a positive contributor! We are all here to make great impacts--let's do what we do!!!

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