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I would like to Thank everyone for their kind words. Going through what I been through and having the support from so many people is a wonderful blessing. Again Thank You!

"I am proud to be a part of an organization whose founder exemplifies the meaning of the word consistency. ShaChena's heart for her members and her desire to see them succeed is easy to see."

Tanai Coleman, Financial Consultant

I have nothing but praise for the Real Sisters Rising and their membership group. There are few worthwhile memberships out there that cater to real world business smarts specifically to the female audience, let alone any that also offer fantastic support and meaningful networking opportunities for like-minded women. I have formed wonderful business partnerships and made life-long friends through the Real Sisters Rising membership group and cannot recommend them highly enough.

Lucinda Cross, Author, Keynote and Biz Coach for Moms

Multicultural Writers Guild's testimony:
We found Real Sisters Rising yahoo group to be an inspiring and inviting group. We learned how to promote one another's business online with the use of attending conference calls, networking events, and eblasting. Many of us wished the group was still around because it was a positive group of professional women from all walks of life. We bless you in your continued success.
Ms. Mae Ealey, Founder of Multicultural Writers Guild, Inc.

Outstanding, Focus, Determined, Phenomenal, Gifted, Extraordinary, Divine, is just a couple of words that describes this wonderful woman. Ms ShaChena Gibbs is such a motivating force in my life, her determination for success and to assist women is superb. The Most High has instilled in this woman to shoot for her dreams, and that’s exactly what this woman does, she allows no one to stop her or hold her back.  Her work ethic and passion for all that she does is unbelievably one of a kind. At my first RSR event which was groundbreaking, I had the opportunity to network with women that in return increased my network and worth. Ms Gibbs is on a mission, I respect admire and love all that she does. The kindness and devotion that’s in her heart, is truly rare...Thank You, Ms Gibbs for allowing me to be in your story....and apart of the RSR Revolution...You will be the largest, women's network.....your the next WWW. "WOMEN WORLD WIDE"
Lytoya Parker
New York, New York
CEO of
Gorja RCC/Nelvians

Being apart of RSR yahoo group has been truly a blessing. I have meet so many intelligent black woman nationally throughout the members.  The group had motivated me to do my own business instead of trying to work someone else's business. The group has also provided me with many, many ideas on how to market and how to maintain.
As far as Ms.Gibbs? She has helped me so much personally and professionally. She has kept me going when I have wanted to quite. She has such a great talent for leadership. She is filled with so many ideas and creative ways of getting things done. You tell her what  "ending result" your seeking and she will tell you how to get there. She will guide you step by step and check on you too hold you accountable.
There are not enough words that I can even think of when describing how Ms. Gibbs has helped me, other than she is truly a blessing!
Na'Tasha Rector
The NiRiNi Company

Ms. Gibbs, what can I say.  Being a CEO of a woman's organization myself, I deal with women on a daily basis with regard to internalizing who they really are by first understanding who they.  Far too often I come in contact with women who start on the journey of self discovery, however, for some reason the journey is short lived.  Being a personal witness to the growth of and within Ms. Gibbs has been an inspiration to myself, as well as, others.  Watching her grow through what she has gone through, shows her strength and tenacity for bettering her life as well as those around her.  Understanding that in order to lead anyone, be it woman or child, she must learn to lead herself.  I have been blessed to have Ms. Gibbs in my life and I am looking forward to the many more testimonies and positive examples that will come through her and all that she is doing....

Sheneese Starr - Activist

Founder - IWIN

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