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#Forthelove of Travel: 10 hacks for Business Travel

02/02/2016 9:00 AM | ShaChena Gibbs (Administrator)

#Forthelove of Travel: 10 hacks for Business Travel

by ShaChena Gibbs

Are you planning a trip this year? I know many entrepreneurs are planning to travel either for business or vacation. And if you are anything like me, you go crazy trying to fit every lil thing in your suitcase. You don't have to say yes..I know I know. 

As I was browsing #Pinterest, I came across this cool image that shows you 10 Hacks for Packing your Suitcase when going on a business trip. 

Hey now next time you start to pack, you will pack smarter and lighter. Hope to see you on the next trip.

Here are a few additional tips: 

  1. If you forget something like personal care items, before you go to the store and spend money go ask the hotel staff if they have any of the items at no cost. 
  2. Pack travel size toilet tissue. 
  3. Stuffing socks/panties/panty hoes into your shoes will save space. 
  4. Make photocopies of your passport and leave one with friends and another hidden in your bag as well as email yourself a copy. 
  5. Pack comfy sneakers/tennis shoes. You never know when you will need them. 
  6. Bonus!! Pack extra chargers for your mobile devices!

Enjoy your trip!

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